Hi there. I'm completly new to linux hosting in general and WebFaction. And i'm trying to install Lightning Fast CMS (http://www.lfcproject.com/).

But i'm doing something wrong. There is a step-by-step instruction - http://packages.python.org/django-lfc/introduction/installation.html - but it doesn't help me. I entered all the commands, updated settings.py with my DB info and everything, but i got nothing in the result.

Can someone please help me with setup? Main question is what kind of application i must use in control panel and where to put LFC files?

Thanks :-)

asked 12 Aug '12, 12:17

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Ok, i used mod_wsgi3.3/python2.7, installed everything and... nothing. I just can't find the index file to run. Just typing my site adress in browser gives me default python page. Trying for 8000 port gives nothing. What am i doing wrong? Thank you :-)

(12 Aug '12, 13:32) Evgeniy_N Evgeniy_N's gravatar image

Your application needs to be listening on the port that is assigned in the control panel.

(12 Aug '12, 13:43) bmeyer71 ♦♦ bmeyer71's gravatar image

And how can i do that? I tried changing ports in config files (nothing) and starting server with $ bin/django runserver PORT - it just would not start because there is something on that port. How can i listen to it?

(12 Aug '12, 15:24) Evgeniy_N Evgeniy_N's gravatar image

You would need to shutdown the apache instance that is started for the application in order to use django's runserver. Keep in mind this is not meant for use in production and you should be using the apache instance that is installed. There is also a cronjob set up to restart apache every 20 minutes, so while you are using runserver, you will want to disable this job.

(12 Aug '12, 15:38) bmeyer71 ♦♦ bmeyer71's gravatar image

Thank you! Finally, everything is ok. My new problem is that i don't like that CMS after all, but that's the different ticket ;-)

For future users: SSH session: "crontab -e" - text editor for cron. "ZZ" quits with saving. "~/webapps/<name of="" your="" app="">/apache2/bin/stop" - to stop apache "bin/django runserver PORT" to use selected port (you can see it in control panel)

(12 Aug '12, 16:32) Evgeniy_N Evgeniy_N's gravatar image

And here we go again.

Django version 1.1.4, using settings 'lfc_project.settings' Development server is running at Quit the server with CONTROL-C. Error: That port is already in use.

First, everything was fine, CMS was up and running. Then i accidently closed the server... and now i can't run it back again. Port is blocked. Apache is down.

lsof gets me this: [***@web325 htdocs]$ lsof -i :27250 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME python 13008 *** 4u IPv4 1937116950 0t0 TCP localhost.localdomain:27250 (LISTEN)

What do i need to kill to bring the port back online? :-)

(12 Aug '12, 17:04) Evgeniy_N Evgeniy_N's gravatar image

From that output the PID should be '13008' so the kill command would be,

kill -9 13008
(12 Aug '12, 17:28) johns ♦♦ johns's gravatar image

For some reason it didn't work for me earlier, but now everything is fine. Thank you! I hope problems will end now and i can return to creation of content ;-)

(12 Aug '12, 17:37) Evgeniy_N Evgeniy_N's gravatar image
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With the instructions they provide, you would probably be best with selecting a mod_wsgi3.3/python2.7 application type. You would want to download the files into a directory in your home directory to do the install from.

If you still have troubles, either update your initial post with additional information or feel free to open a support ticket for us to take a closer look.

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answered 12 Aug '12, 13:09

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