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I'm a complete and total developer noob, however I have a project for which I'd like to use svn, something I've never used before. I followed the screen cast to set up svn/trac on my webfactional account, however even when I ping the domain, I get timeouts. This occurred even after the very first step, i.e., I set up the apps, domains and linked them under websites, so I'm not sure where I could have screwed this up. Any help is appreciated. A related question, is trac a web-GUI for svn? I would like to set up remote access to the svn so that my colleagues can use this for the project we have, though I'm not sure how to get them access or how to begin.

asked 18 Dec '10, 18:32

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We need the url that is failing. If you submit a support ticket we can look at the account and typically tell you what is wrong. Trac is a Web-GUI for svn, and a wiki, among other things. You should check out their official docs,


That page is built in trac.

(18 Dec '10, 18:49) johns

I'm sorry, I'm just very new to all of this and its very confusing. In any event, my domain is lemiller.net and I attempted to set up https://svn.lemiller.net and https://trac.lemiller.net but neither work in any regard at the moment. Where would I submit a support ticket?

(18 Dec '10, 18:56) hbetx9


(18 Dec '10, 19:04) johns

Its possible I just don't understand svn well enough to know how to use it, and I must admit I find almost all documentation completely unreadable. I want to start a new project and have a local working copy, have my colleagues keep a local working copy and have svn manage changes. If I use svn on the command line locally passing a https://svn.lemiller.net parameter, I get a host not found error. If I try to load https://trac.lemiller.net in a browser I get a server not found error.

(18 Dec '10, 19:15) hbetx9

lemiller.net is not using our nameservers, so you cannot use the webfaction Control Panel to set DNS. You will either need to set the A records for both trac.lemiller.net and svn.lemiller.net to (the IP of your webserver), or else you will need to set your domain to use WebFaction's nameservers. More info is available here:


(18 Dec '10, 19:25) ryans ♦♦

You are not using our NS servers, so those sub-domains are not pointing anywhere. Point the NS servers to our name servers or create A records pointing to the servers IP address for each sub-domain. http://docs.webfaction.com/user-guide/domains.html#pointing-your-domain-to-webfaction-s-servers. You can see this by running dig on the domains, http://network-tools.com/default.asp?prog=dnsrec&host=trac.lemiller.net

(18 Dec '10, 19:26) johns

Hi Ryans, Thanks for this, unfortunately my networking is very very weak and I'm not sure what you mean. I registered the domain a long time ago, and somehow got it to link to the webfactional IP. I don't understand what I have to do to resolve the issue. My understanding is that I can once this is done set up subdomains at my leisure without having to go back to the 3rd party domain registration system. Am I correct in understanding that you're saying that is in error and that this is a process that I will have to go through EVERY time I set up a new subdomain?

(18 Dec '10, 19:38) hbetx9

I guess the pause for my concern is that this step was completely skipped and missed in the screen cast!

(18 Dec '10, 19:39) hbetx9

I do not believe I have addressed the domain issue successfully. Running dig shows that the name is linked to an ip, however I'm still not getting a resolve on the host.

(18 Dec '10, 23:10) hbetx9

Sorry to be difficult here, but I'm totally confused. If I dig it shows no ip (I was wrong in my last comment), however I've redirected using a DNS override in the control panel those subdomains to the main ip for the account. Any thoughts on where I've screwed up?

(18 Dec '10, 23:28) hbetx9

I did a full A redirect at the domain register site to the avail that dig now periodically gives the correct link to the ip and periodically does not even after a cache flush. Browser still won't resolve.

(18 Dec '10, 23:38) hbetx9

Okay, things seem okay at the moment. Thanks all.

(18 Dec '10, 23:41) hbetx9

Configuring IP addresses with our control panel and using DNS overrides only work if your domain is using WebFaction's namsevers. This is inherently different from using your domain registrar's nameservers and merely setting the correct A-record for your domain. Both "work", but they work differently.

This is not something that should be covered in the SVN/Trac screencast because it is general to all applications and somewhat unrelated to the specific task of getting Trac configured at webfaction. The proper DNS configuration is also specific to different users' requirements.

(18 Dec '10, 23:55) ryans ♦♦
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