I followed the webfaction django tutorial video and created a django app/website to the root of my webfactional.com domain. These were the mappings for the website config:

django_pastebin -----> /
pastebin_static_media -----> /media
django_pastebin_admin/media -----> /media/admin

All was working.

I then decided that I wanted to do other things with the webfactional.com domain and it would be better to have django in a subdirectory. I updated the mapping so that it would look like this. New mapping...which is not working perfectly...I think some times the URLs can't be resolved by django.

django_pastebin -----> /django
pastebin_static_media -----> /django/media
django_pastebin_admin/media -----> /django/media/admin

I updated settings.py and urls.py to reflect these change (I think correctly).

Now after I enter a new pastebin entry I see: "There is no application mounted at the root of this domain." THe url in the browser is "xxx.webfactional.com/3/" (it was the third record that I entered). If I manually add /django (xxx.webfactional.com/django/3/) then I see the record.

What am I missing? What else do I need to tweak? I'm just a beginner when it comes to python and django.

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Django requires some changes to be made for it to work on a sub-url - please check the following directions on this subject: http://docs.webfaction.com/software/django/config.html#mounting-a-django-application-on-a-subpath

On a side note you can create subdomains under your webfactional.com domain which you can use to host multiple different applications and websites, while keeping each application mounted at the root URL.

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answered 23 Jan '11, 09:10

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Isn't user_name.webfactional.com already a subdomain? How would I add another one?

dev.user_name.webfacdtional.com? Will that work?

(23 Jan '11, 10:23) milesmeow milesmeow's gravatar image

User_name.webfactional.com is present as a main domain inside the Control Panel. So, adding a subdomain to it would work.

You can add a new subdomain via Control Panel -> Domains/Websites -> Domains -> Edit icon.

(23 Jan '11, 10:28) tie tie's gravatar image
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