Probably a feedback. I am running firefox 3.6.16 on openbsd 4.8. I am bothered that somehow I can not get the line feeds to behave right. I put in a long script and had to go edit repeatedly to get the lines to be properly on separate lines. But is there a clue? I might guess something about unix/ms win conventions. And am I using an arrow key or a enter key? Do not know at this point.

asked 08 Feb '11, 20:08

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Hi Astar,

The WYSIWYG box should handle the formatting for you via Javascript. Do you have Javascript enabled on your browser? Specific formatting can be acheived via the formatting buttons at the top of the bar.

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answered 08 Feb '11, 20:24

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I claim javascript is enabled. I think it has come enabled for several releases. A way I think about it is that there is a browser error console which I claim is a javascript error console. It gets errors. And the errors seem to be javascript related.

Now, for my amusement, I cleared the error console, then starting typing here. Now the console is full of stuff. I would say alerts rather than errors. And it is labeled as from your web site.

Now my claim of javascript enabled may not imply the javascript engine you would normally expect from firefox.

The console events do not copy paste well, but here is a typical one.

Warning: The 'charCode' property of a keyup event should not be used. The value is meaningless. Source File: Line: 0

I am inclined to think there might be a connection between a full error console and my wysiwyg issues.

(08 Feb '11, 21:17) astar astar's gravatar image


It could be the combination of OpenBSD + Firefox causing the issues. Unfortunately, I don't know any one with an OpenBSD that I could test with.

(08 Feb '11, 21:34) klynton klynton's gravatar image

That is a reasonable consideration. I think the way I will orient towards this is going to a more recent -current which will be at 4.9 and a test foxfire port which is at a version 4, maybe some sort of RC. This is all trivial, would fit into testing for 4.9 release, and so on. Just takes a few hours but you know how that is. But people would be interested if this problem was on my os or firefox port end. Ah well. I allocate four hours to this today. I will let you know.

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answered 09 Feb '11, 10:43

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