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Okay, this is not a real question, so if it's not suitable for this community page please excuse me.

First of all, I really like the Webfaction and their service. I am a customer of you more than two years and I didn't feel regret about that even one day. And I am not thinking that changing my hosting company, I am all good. But this: there is no Let's Encrypt integration feels me very sad :(

Are we really have to use some unofficial cli tools? I know giving ETA is not possible but waiting without any information is really frustrating. Even very cheap and under quality hosting companies offers that let's encrypt integration with one click. But that flexible and good quality hosting company can't? I am waiting here for more than three months with no information about when we can use that. And I decided to open account and post this into community page.

So please at least give us a little information what phase are you in? Still creating or alpha or beta or qa or testing? Anything will be helpful but waiting as blind is really really frustrating. I didn't want anything from Webfaction that much, so please please please make it real as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding and good work and this good service, please keep it better at all times.


asked 24 Nov '17, 13:54

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Please see our latest blog post in regards to LetsEncrypt support,


Thank you all for your patience.

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answered 14 Sep '18, 02:03

NickR ♦♦
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I am afraid it's time to think another hosting company. I really like Webfaction but they are not offering option about let's encrypt. It's closing to 1 year slowly and I don't have any hope we can use it soon. So I am searching new company and will start to move production sites one by one. If you have any suggestion you can send me a message.

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answered 29 Jan '18, 11:32

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WebFaction is organised in a way that makes it hard to easily provide letsencrypt utility as other providers do (i.e., having sudo rights and all). But there is this method: https://community.webfaction.com/questions/19988/using-letsencrypt

I certainly don't see why you need to look for a new company.

(15 Feb '18, 16:08) pushkarmishra

@pushkarmishra I think you didn't understand the workflow here. Google starts to assign not https sites as unsecure after July 2018. So this means if you create a website on Webfaction without extra step to install ssl Chrome will show an alert on that site is about "This site is not secure". I am sure other browsers on the way too.

So creating website without SSL is becoming useless and I don't want to use any third party (not official) thing for SSL. Because if anything goes wrong with your site Webfaction will not get responsibility and you will stay with your own.

So automatic SSL is not feature that we expect, it is necessary for any hosting company.

(18 Feb '18, 12:16) coderontheroad

I don't think even Amazon is providing SSL on their LightSail product.

(20 Feb '18, 10:05) anjanesh

I hope that by March 1st we have this issue solved!

More importantly how will we be informed when Lets Encrypt is ready for production?

(21 Feb '18, 00:21) baba

We're putting the final touches on our LE integration and hope to roll it out very soon. Sorry for the delays!

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answered 24 Nov '17, 14:51

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Sean, can you please be more concrete about 'real soon'? Are you talking about one week, one month, three months?

(26 Nov '17, 11:15) Stephen

Probably about a week, barring any unforeseen issues.

(28 Nov '17, 20:51) seanf

Sean, can you please share an update one month later? Have you found unforeseen issues? How much has this been delayed? Feels like any other Web Hosting Provider on the planet earth integrated LetsEncrypt certificates. What about WF?

(20 Dec '17, 11:47) htrex

We've indeed hit some unforeseen issues, looking at mid January now, hopefully.

(20 Dec '17, 13:28) seanf

Hi Sean, any update on this? I'd be happy to help out on the testing side (or documentation, even) if that will help.

(17 Jan '18, 16:35) JustAnotherW...

Our development team is still working on it, there is no exact ETA.

(17 Jan '18, 23:56) johns

Best of luck to the WebFaction team on solving any roadblocks on the way and implementing a solution for this, I've been keeping my eye on this for quite some time as well.

The cli tool that comes up through search is a duct tape solution that although works, has caused us some issues in the past as it is dependant on knowing your account credentials due to the limitations of the WebFaction API (we updated our user credentials and forgot about this and had a certificate expire), and stops you from re-pointing a domain to another application without re-configuring the cli tool (almost forgot about this one as well, but set up notifications for the failed cron job).

I do however understand the unforeseen complications that can come up in implementing what can seem like a simple feature and just like @coderontheroad, otherwise really appreciate the services offered by WebFaction.

(18 Jan '18, 21:15) bh-scott

The tone and desires in this thread are exactly where I'm at too. We all need to start running our sites on https for a variety of reasons, but I (like many of you I suppose) are drawn to Webfaction for it's intuitive control panel and helpful support. No CPanel in sight!

I have been told by support that they are nearly there with Let's Encrypt integration for a while now. I was told "soon" back in August 2017, and "likely within the next few weeks" on 13 October 2017. This lack of transparency and failure to meet their rough ETAs is eroding my confidence. I am in no doubt that the work is complicated but clarity on where progress currently is would be greatly appreciated.

(31 Jan '18, 12:10) wesort

Development of a full Letsencrypt integration within our panel is close to being finished, with mostly some minor fixes and touches left.

Unless a blocking issue arises, it'll be up to me to work on bringing our documentation up-to-date with the latest code and UI changes, which should start around the end of next week, as I'll be at FOSDEM this weekend (and feel free to let me know if you are also there!) and then have some days off.

Finally, we'll need to spend some time testing the final release again before making it live.

Some might arguably find this answer tiresome but we can't provide an exact ETA at this time when all of the above will be completed.

(01 Feb '18, 09:17) iliasr ♦♦

It's been more than 2 years and a half since the original announcement. That "soon/no ETA yet" answer is no longer valid as there's a limit on how much you can drag your customers like that.

I would like to request transparency with the answer: what is really going on with the Let's Encrypt support? What EXACTLY is happening? Are you having some sort of internal staff isues? Like some employee left and you couldn't finish his/her work? Or is webfaction experiencing a new management that took this feature out of the priority list?

Please consider that it's time to be straightforward and honest. No more "it'll be ready next week" just to let another WHOLE YEAR pass. It's already disrespectful to the customers without being clear on what really is preventing this feature to be released.

(17 Apr '18, 16:35) teks

In full Agreement. Webfaction needs to provide Answers on the state of this issue. 2 years have passed without a resolution. and now i am seeing RED WARNINGS on my websites due to lack of HTTPS? Update us please

(19 Apr '18, 21:36) baba

You are quite right to be unhappy. It's true that support for Let's Encrypt has been pushed back repeatedly, owing to several internal issues, such as staff changes and so forth.

With (some excellent) third party scripting support for it, it was easy to prioritize other things and have Let's Encrypt move to the back burner where it's always been a task, but never one we pushed over the top to release. It needs concentrated developer time to do that.

We've been bad about keeping people updated about this feature and we can only apologize. That's not the way we like to handle our issues here at WebFaction, as you are probably aware.

We've always mentioned that we'll focus on it and deploy it 'barring any unforeseen issues' and right now we've also had to roll with some awkward things. The developers are currently scrambling with GDPR requirements that are coming down, for example.

The combination of these factors, as well as others, has meant that we've let people down on getting this one done internally, and again we do apologize.

However, as said, there are third party scripts that do a great job of it. You can look at the https://github.com/will-in-wi/letsencrypt-webfaction ruby script or acme.sh and its complimentary https://github.com/gregplaysguitar/acme-webfaction for ways to get it to work in the meantime.

We are re-prioritizing Let's Encrypt as soon as we can, though with the late May deadline for GDPR, it's going to be after that issue is resolved and in place.

(20 Apr '18, 15:59) iliasr ♦♦

Thank you for the update @iliasr. As you are probably aware, Chrome is going to start marking HTTP sites as "Not Secure" in July 2018. It seems like it's in WebFaction's interest to have LetsEncrypt integration ready before that. https://blog.chromium.org/2018/02/a-secure-web-is-here-to-stay.html

(25 Apr '18, 18:55) chad

As sad as I am to say it, I'm planning to move a site I've had here on WebFaction for many years over to a new host tomorrow. Not having an automated solution for LE - and the apparent mis-management of the issue over the last two years - is enough reason for me to make this unpleasant (and time-consuming) decision. Any chance the LE integration is launching tonight? If so, I'd be happy to be the first to use it. If not, I'll be using someone else's one-click LE setup to make sure my site is not appearing broken for the approximately 1/3 of users that will see it that way starting any day now.

(17 Jul '18, 03:08) evanmcdaniel

I'm sorry but LE will not be launched tonight.

When it does, it will first be available to all users on our cloud plans as a testing period for a few days, before being rolled out to the majority of our users who are on shared machines.

(17 Jul '18, 06:56) iliasr ♦♦
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2 years for WebFaction to implement LE??? That's a pity because I was thinking about coming back to Webfaction, but really that is an awful way to treat customers if it's true.

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answered 29 Apr '18, 20:57

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So... this is a web hosting site for developers. Are folks really that upset that you need to manually configure a cert from LE? It doesn't seem like a huge blocker to me, and if you don't know how/what you're doing, a great opportunity to learn how to do it.

If this was a company that catered to non-technical users making websites and blogs about their favorite crochet patters I could see how having an automatic SSL provisioning system might be a high priority, but for the target audience this seems like a nice to have, but nothing I'm entitled to.

Don't get me wrong, I want it, and I will use it. I will even tell other developers about how great and easy it is, when it comes. But I'm not going to whine too much. If they don't get it done then someone else will. When it comes to marketing to developers, better toys are the way to do it.

In any case, good luck with GDPR and the current pipeline WF team. That s*** can be a total nightmare to deal with.

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answered 02 May '18, 02:32

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@kvothe - ignoring your condescending comments, but if it's that easy to do, why hasn't it been put in place by WF already?

I'd rather use an official process that's supported rather than hack around with things.

(23 May '18, 06:39) SleepyTom


The steps are extremely basic and don't require any level of mastery. Assuming you are hosting a website on WF rather than something like wix, this should be a breeze to setup.

(23 May '18, 09:41) pushkarmishra

Some people have over 50 sites, and manually setting up HTTPS+SSL with this workaround is incredibly painful and time consuming.

Sure, it's ok if you have say, 2/3 sites.. but, some customers have over 100 and it becomes totally unpractical.

(13 Jun '18, 13:28) trello99

It's a ridiculous and convoluted process that should be automated.

(02 Jul '18, 21:29) alpercugun

Now August. an update on the state of having LetsEncrypt added to our control panel is appreciated. thanks

(03 Aug '18, 23:51) baba

I've written a practical and comprehensive guide for migrating sites from http-to-https on Webfaction. I read through loads of user answers on this forum and various other sites, but I still found it tricky to get completely correct.


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answered 18 Jun '18, 14:21

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I agree that it would be nice if webfaction integrates lets encrypt in panel but it is not big problem to manually setup certificate and that would be the last factor in my decision to change hosting provider. Never had any problems with webfaction and always keeping service at the top level!

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answered 31 Jan '18, 15:48

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It's really really shameful for WF not to take native Letsencrypt feature seriously. Just check the graphs: https://nettrack.info/ssl_certificate_issuers.html ... Installing and running 3rd party scripts for LE support is not the option.

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answered 21 Apr '18, 22:32

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"Installing and running 3rd party scripts for LE support is not the option."

i will not be doing that. I wand to use a Webfaction approved option

(21 Apr '18, 23:25) baba
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