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Is this email real? How come no mention of it?

They say there’s strength in numbers.

That’s why we’re happy to tell you that WebFaction has joined forces with GoDaddy.

From now on, you’ll have the brawn of both brands in your corner.

So, you can count on access to ever-bolder products, upper-echelon service, and an even brighter future for your business.

In the coming days you’ll start to see the GoDaddy logo appearing in a few areas of the WebFaction website and in your control panel.

Of course, we know that not everyone likes change, but don’t panic. The aim of this process is to get you one step closer to unstoppable. Nothing we do will slow you down.

And if you need a little extra peace of mind, you can garner some from the fact that the GoDaddy group is trusted by more than 17 million customers around the world.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the process, filling you in on further changes and ensuring you’re the first to know about improvements to products.

Until then, best regards from the new supercharged WebFaction and GoDaddy team.

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asked 26 Sep '18, 10:06

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Admittedly, if godaddy bought paragon, and paragon own TSO host (of which I'm also with), I've not noticed any disruption. Hopefully it'll be the same.

(26 Sep '18, 12:43) trello99

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This is true and really, really bad news.

Like thousands of others, I chose WebFaction after my previous ISP of 10 years was bought and destroyed by one of the large ISP megacorps ( in that case it was EIG: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1584614 ). I figured WebFaction's quirky programmer-friendliness would make it less appetizing for the megacorps to gobble up. So much for that theory.

I have had the displeasure of using GoDaddy hosting on many occasions (other people's accounts) and it is consistently one of the worst I have ever seen in terms of both downtime and support response time and competency.

Please, please, PLEASE honorable webfaction staff, I know you can control very little during this takeover but PLEASE for the love of God do the ONE THING you can do: let us know (by secret wink wink nudge nudge if necessary) as soon as you know that GoDaddy is going to replace our awesome WebFaction programmer-friendly service with their worst-of-class corporate garbage service. Don't leave us hanging with uncertainty for months like always seems to happen when megacorps take over.

WebFaction folks: If you need to, send email from your private address to my email: wftruth@lurkertech.com and I will respect your anonymity and get the word out.

If GoDaddy is going to gut WebFaction like it and EIG have done to so many other ISPs, please save us from the HR person who is trying to sugar-coat everything and just come out and say it immediately. We won't blame you (WebFaction); we know shit happens and people who have worked hard need to cash out on their multi-decade investments. We know that EIG and GoDaddy just want more subscribers and gobble up ISPs like snacks for that reason alone, and do not care about what makes some small ISPs unique. We get that. But please be honest about it and just come out and say what's going to happen.

It will save us all a LOT of time because it gives us time to prepare by fleeing to a decent ISP or finally getting dedicated hosting before our sites go down and we have only GoDaddy idiots/robots for support (yes, the sugar-coating is not harmless, it is very harmful). It will show that you still have the same integrity for which we have come to know you, even if you can't control what happens.

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answered 26 Sep '18, 10:44

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edited 26 Sep '18, 13:40

Did you hear anything from the WebFaction guys? If so, I would love to know more.


(11 Dec '18, 21:09) leodrummond

Not a peep. Either they have all been tossed out the door already or they are under some serious threat of legal action if they actually tell us what is going on. WebFaction staff, please form your own company. We will all follow you and pay several times the old rate to keep your company going and free of scum like GoDaddy or EIG. You can and should advertise the freedom from GoDaddy/EIG as a prime selling point.

(13 Dec '18, 15:17) cpirazzi

It's honestly pissing me off right now. Haven't heard anything from them from the ticket I created either, even after they escalated it to "upper management". And NO ONE from WebFaction bothered to even say a word on all these WebFaction/GoDaddy questions.

(13 Dec '18, 20:17) leodrummond

Oh, cool, some former WebFaction employees are forming a real ISP to replace the corpse the GoDaddy left behind: see https://community.webfaction.com/answer_link/22184/ and https://pages.convertkit.com/2f68231082/0e9456199d

(23 Mar '19, 08:04) cpirazzi

Another update: originally I thought cPanel shared hosting providers could never replace WebFaction but then I realized that cPanel DOES have an API and it lets us do everything I needed from the WebFaction API (create websites, create forwarding emails, create databsases). So that opens up a lot more choices for avoiding GoDaddy/EIG. For cPanel API details and sample code see https://forum.kjodle.net/discussion/20/surprise-api-cpanel-shared-hosting-actually-is-a-webfaction-alternative

(23 Mar '19, 09:28) cpirazzi

Yet another update: I ended up migrating all my websites to MDDHosting (wish the former WebFaction employees announced their gig sooner!) and so far it has been pretty good and I have a strong indication from them that they will resist any GoDaddy/EIG buyout. For a review and details see: https://forum.kjodle.net/discussion/21/mddhosting-is-a-good-webfaction-shared-hosting-alternative

(23 Mar '19, 09:30) cpirazzi

Final update today: FYI One of the intrepid WebFaction/GoDaddy refugees created a forum here that we can use to discuss WebFaction alternatives after GoDaddy finally pulls the plug on this forum: https://forum.kjodle.net/discussions

(23 Mar '19, 09:31) cpirazzi

Here's a roundup of all the many WebFaction support forum items about the buyout as well as some advice about choosing another ISP: https://community.webfaction.com/questions/22274/daddy-issues-how-to-leave-webfaction

(14 Aug '19, 05:53) cpirazzi
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Dang, WebFaction has the best customer support I've ever seen. They always go the extra mile to try to help you, and that's one of the reasons why I am with you guys for so long.

I'm a customer since 2015 and left GoDaddy exactly because of their trash customer support and service. I will try to stick with WebFaction as long as possible, but I will be doing the same as peteleidy and will start looking for alternatives.

Yes, GoDaddy has technically owned Webfaction for over a year now. They acquired Paragon/HEG, which had already acquired Webfaction.

This email feels like a slap in the face. Even though GoDaddy acquired WF over a year ago, that email tells me that they will now start taking action and making changes to the company I love. By the way, it wouldn't hurt to put a bit more effort into that email, eh? It didn't even look/feel legit to begin with. That just makes me even more worried about where this is going.

let us know (by secret wink wink nudge nudge if necessary) as soon as you know that GoDaddy is going to replace our awesome WebFaction programmer-friendly service with their worst-of-class corporate garbage service. Don't leave us hanging with uncertainty for months like always seems to happen when megacorps take over.



So I just saw the GoDaddy migration/link account button. I'm starting to get more and more worried as time goes on. The lack of communication (and information) from WebFaction is just disrespectful to us customers.

It just makes this whole thing feels like it's being pushed down our throats, instead of taking the time making sure we understand what will change, when, how it will affect us, etc. There's just the option to migrate/link accounts, no extra information.


I currently have 3 affiliates under my account, I know it's nothing to write home about but they bring enough to cover my hosting costs sometimes.

  • Are they staying under my account?
  • Is the affiliate system even going to work after migration?
  • What about my current balance, do I get it or will I lose it?


That's another point that worries me. I see no information about the plans & pricing, and if they are still going to be the same.

  • Are the plans and prices still going to be same?
  • If not, will previous WF customers have to switch to the new ones?
  • If yes, is any other limitation going to be imposed after the move? Meaning you can only have X domains or Y websites/applications?

Account Migration / Link

Once again, just having a button asking us to either link an existing GoDaddy account or create a new one isn't enough. We NEED (and we borderline deserve) more information.

  • If I do link my account, will I still have access to the WF dashboard?
  • If not, how does the new dashboard looks like?
  • Are all the current WF features available there as well?
  • Until what date do I have to link/migrate my account?
  • If I fail to do so, will my account be deleted or moved automatically?

C'mon guys, those are basic questions that we should've been informed about from the start. A detailed blog post, a more detailed email (because that last one was a joke), something. From what I can tell, you guys didn't even bother to answer this question thread here. Please, DO NOT pull a Bethesda on us. As weird as it sounds, I love this company and the service you guys provide. The support is always super helpful and you guys go above and beyond to make sure everything is okay, but you do deserve some tough love here. You need to do better, because right now it just feels like you guys sold the company, got your checks, found a way to migrate/link the accounts, and said f*** it.

I'm aware the migration with GoDaddy will happen one way or another and there's not much we can do about it, but we need to be able to make an informed decision if we are going to stay here or jump ship. For that, we need more communication, information, and guidance, and you guys are the only ones that can provide that.

Please do better.

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answered 26 Sep '18, 11:28

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edited 11 Dec '18, 21:03

And here I was wondering why we didn't get the email. Almost like a sign of times to come. Seriously, it feels like there was a rigorous process to choose the worst possible candidate to sellout. GoDaddy represents and does everything a typical Webfaction customer aims to get away from.

alt text

(27 Sep '18, 17:38) teks

Gross. I wish I had known this when the purchase actually happened. I don't want to support a company with sexist advertising practices, a founder who kills wild elephants, supported SOPA, etc., etc., etc..

Such a shame. WebFaction has been the best web host I've ever used. I know a few of us upset about this won't really change anything, but man that's upsetting.

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answered 26 Sep '18, 18:32

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Not the way I wanted to start my morning. I've been with Webfaction since, wow, 2008? 2009? I've always felt like I was getting away with something. Not so much anymore, I guess.

I'll be patient and open to see what happens next, but I'm also going to be shopping around for alternatives. I've never had a good experience with godaddy or monsters like them. That said, I had no idea they were already involved since 2016, so...maybe everything will be just fine.

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answered 26 Sep '18, 11:38

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Folks, you've just ruined my day (and week, and month).

WebFaction is/was an absolute antipode of GoDaddy. Programmer-friendly, flexible, useful, reasonably priced, and with a great community. I have zero doubt about the direction it will take from here. Please spare me your merger-speak about "joining forces," "having a better product" and such. This is a sell-out, plain and simple.

Time to start looking for alternatives...

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answered 26 Sep '18, 11:57

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We have yet to see any webfaction staff comment on this, so I'd wait till then.

(26 Sep '18, 12:45) trello99

I just want to add my voice to the chorus. I haven't used GoDaddy for years, mainly because they were so unpleasant to work with, but also for the huge list of ethically questionable practices and stances. I didn't know WebFaction had been acquired by them, and this email (which went into my spam folder, presumably due to multiple mentions of GoDaddy) makes me nervous for the future of WebFaction as I know it.

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answered 28 Sep '18, 09:10

Neil de Cart...
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Yes, GoDaddy has technically owned Webfaction for over a year now. They acquired Paragon/HEG, which had already acquired Webfaction.

I'm sticking around as long as possible, but window shopping for alternatives if they manage to turn WF to garbage.

The email is totally not reassuring though as it fails to address any concrete terms of what the acquisition entails other than talking about a few logos added.?. Looks like a template they send out to all the providers they acquire.

Also cheeky to begin with:

They say there’s strength in numbers.

Yes, but the numbers are competitors... and you're eating them.

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answered 26 Sep '18, 10:36

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edited 26 Sep '18, 10:38

I'm also with TSO host and have been for over 4 years now and I've not noticed any issue in service. Hopefully it'll be fine.

(26 Sep '18, 12:45) trello99

Is TSO Host also owned by GoDaddy?

(30 Dec '18, 01:45) kjodle

Well, it was good while it lasted. If this is true, it's time for me to move one.

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answered 27 Sep '18, 00:02

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I've been with WebFaction since 2009 and this news greatly saddened me. I will never support a company that is aligned with Godaddy. I just renewed for another year last month so I have plenty of time to get everything moved, but after nearly ten years of amazing service I'm gone. WebFaction screwed up big time.

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answered 30 Sep '18, 23:29

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Idk, maybe not so much "WebFaction screwed up big time", as "WebFaction got screwed big time".

(03 Oct '18, 20:30) Neil de Cart...

Yes, that announcement is real.

GoDaddy has been the parent company of WebFaction since December 2016, after they acquired HEG, which we were part of.

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answered 26 Sep '18, 10:28

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One cant comment in that blog on how laugable is "to help more people get their ideas online"?

(11 Nov '20, 01:55) tyoc213
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