Hello How do i configure celery to start automatically when django starts?

asked 17 Feb '11, 14:17

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You Django application is started by a cron job. The easiest way to start djcelery is to add a cron job that starts it.

We have information on using cron here:


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answered 17 Feb '11, 15:26

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aaronh ♦♦
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but wont that cause multiple celery instances to start thus using more memory?

(18 Feb '11, 03:53) aziz aziz's gravatar image

There is documentation here on how to create an init script:


Could you help me map the approp folders to use in webfaction?

(18 Feb '11, 04:01) aziz aziz's gravatar image

You can just use cron and a script to check if celeryd is already running:


if ps -u yourusername -o command | grep -v grep | egrep 'yourapp/myproject/manage.py celeryd' > /dev/null
   echo "$SERVICE running, nothing done"
   echo "$SERVICE not running, starting..."
   /usr/local/bin/pythonX.Y /home/yourusername/webapps/yourapp/myproject/manage.py celeryd -c 2 &

Save it as celery_daemon.sh and then create an entry in the crontab with something like:

0 1 * * * ~/webapps/yourapp/celery_daemon.sh 2>> ~/webapps/yourapp/sittic_celery.log
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answered 23 Dec '11, 12:01

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note it's important to name your bash script something that won't get picked up in the egrep

You were fine here egrep 'yourapp/myproject/manage.py celeryd' but in my case I had just egrep 'supervisord' and had called my script start_supervisord.sh ...it always thought supervisord was still running!

(17 Mar '13, 15:54) anentropic anentropic's gravatar image

thanks for the handy tip anyway!

(17 Mar '13, 15:54) anentropic anentropic's gravatar image
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