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Just tried to log in to my account and was welcomed with a Webfaction to Godaddy migration screen? There was also mention that Webfaction is deprecated and if we do not have our accounts migrated to Godaddy we will lose access? This is insane!! Is there more information about this?

asked 11 Dec '18, 20:25

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I'm not sure either, I just created a ticket to get more information. Like I said on this question thread, I'm starting to get more and more worried as time goes on. The lack of communication (and information) from WebFaction is just disrespectful to us customers.

It just makes this whole thing feels like it's being pushed down our throats, instead of taking the time making sure we understand what will change, when, how it will affect us, etc. There's just the option to migrate/link accounts, no extra information.


I currently have 3 affiliates under my account, I know it's nothing to write home about but they bring enough to cover my hosting costs sometimes.

  • Are they staying under my account?
  • Is the affiliate system even going to work after migration?
  • What about my current balance, do I get it or will I lose it?


That's another point that worries me. I see no information about the plans & pricing, and if they are still going to be the same.

  • Are the plans and prices still going to be same?
  • If not, will previous WF customers have to switch to the new ones?
  • If yes, is any other limitation going to be imposed after the move? Meaning you can only have X domains or Y websites/applications?

Account Migration / Link

Once again, just having a button asking us to either link an existing GoDaddy account or create a new one isn't enough. We NEED (and we borderline deserve) more information.

  • If I do link my account, will I still have access to the WF dashboard?
  • If not, how does the new dashboard looks like?
  • Are all the current WF features available there as well?
  • Until what date do I have to link/migrate my account?
  • If I fail to do so, will my account be deleted or moved automatically?

C'mon guys, those are basic questions that we should've been informed about from the start. A detailed blog post, a more detailed email (because that last one was a joke), something. From what I can tell, you guys didn't even bother to answer this question thread here. Please, DO NOT pull a Bethesda on us. As weird as it sounds, I love this company and the service you guys provide. The support is always super helpful and you guys go above and beyond to make sure everything is okay, but you do deserve some tough love here. You need to do better, because right now it just feels like you guys sold the company, got your checks, found a way to migrate/link the accounts, and said f*** it.

I'm aware the migration with GoDaddy will happen one way or another and there's not much we can do about it, but we need to be able to make an informed decision if we are going to stay here or jump ship. For that, we need more communication, information, and guidance, and you guys are the only ones that can provide that.

Please do better.

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answered 11 Dec '18, 20:53

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Here's my take:

Godaddy own paragon. Paragon own TSOhost and webfaction (and others).

TSOhost changed their service plans (trimmed) and then upped their prices. They kept same backend/system.

If webfaction were to close, in my opinion they need to give at least 3 months notice period. At least in order to avoid lawsuits. And if webfaction were to migrate, they still may just bolt on the 'buy domains through godaddy' and then give you the old control panel back.

Vidahost did merge with TSOhost, but they used the same backend anyway.

So in my opinion, it is just going to be trimmed services and price hikes, same as TSO.

Feel free to correct me.

(08 Jan '19, 01:37) trello99

I seriously wish someone records these proceedings for a future class-action lawsuit. Buying a company doesn't mean you get to f* all their clients in the a like that.

No warning, no information and everybody gets locked out of their accounts. I'm pretty sure I paid for something else. And I'm pretty sure I have signed an agreement at some point with a company that was NOT godaddy.

It doesn't seem very legal, and I suggest anyone with legal expertise or support, to start considering options...

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answered 11 Dec '18, 21:16

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Agree completely! I submitted a support ticket to Webfaction and did not even receive an auto reply as per usual. And to get into my Webfaction account I had to bypass the landing page Login option altogether. Total bullshit. But that's Godaddy for you.

(11 Dec '18, 21:23) atomiccherry

Yeah no confirmation email for me either. Also Atomic, have you tried Hostiso yet? I'm ready to get the f** out of this shtshow.

(11 Dec '18, 21:31) leodrummond

I share all your same concerns and questions. I have also submitted a support ticket to Webfaction with my concerns. I just contacted Godaddy via chat and it does not bode well. As typical of Godaddy support they knew nothing and had no helpful information. Seemed I knew more than "support" staff.

I have recommended current and former clients to Webfaction for years, most of whom seldom if ever need to access their Webfaction control panel. Does this mean they will all lose access to their accounts and websites unless I inform everyone to migrate? I also host many more clients on my own Webfaction account. I don't have time to migrate everyone to new hosting.

This whole process is shameful and the fact that we've received so little information about this typifies Godaddy's practices. I seriously loathe them.

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answered 11 Dec '18, 21:02

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I'm currently testing out Cloudways. Seems legit. Developer friendly.

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answered 12 Dec '18, 01:11

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Would love to know how that goes. :)

(12 Dec '18, 01:59) leodrummond

So far I like it. Seems more similar to Webfaction. It provides a nice management and UI layer for cloud services like DO and AWS. I spun up a basic server on DO in a few minutes, no command line needed.

(12 Dec '18, 02:10) atomiccherry

So, I've been looking around for options today and I can't say I found any managed VPS services like WebFaction yet.

There are plenty of unmanaged VPS solutions though. It's not web hosting for developers anymore, it's web hosting for developers/sys-admins/dev-op-guys. Anything under 20 bucks/month is single core with less power than the 3.5 GHz WebFaction gave us. And you're responsible for hardening the server, applying updates, monitoring performance, etc...

Cloudways and Hostiso seem to be PHP-only houses, which is a no-go for me. If you get a VPS though, you probably can install anything you need, but don't expect any documentation.

Since I don't have much time to look around, I will probably be going with a single instance in either Digital Ocean or Linode. If you don't mind more sparse documentation, Vultr is a very similar option, with slightly better performance on some benchmarks I've seen online.

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answered 12 Dec '18, 21:34

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I spent the majority of yesterday researching and testing various solutions. Nothing quite compares to Webfaction which seems to offer a niche product comparable to higher-end server instances without the technical difficulty and time needed for server management like Digital Ocean demands. I never felt like I was on a shared server with Webfaction. Highly optimized solutions with great resources at my disposal. Almost felt like I was getting away with something for the small price-tag. And their proprietary UI is simple, uncluttered and dead simple.

I've come to the conclusion that I'll sadly just have to pay more to get what I need now.

Fortunately I can work with a PHP-only solution. I plan on testing Laravel Forge today. I've started testing Runcloud.io and Moss.sh as well. They all have free trials which is great. Not enough experience with them to make a decision.

(12 Dec '18, 21:57) atomiccherry

I honestly feel like we should be documenting not only the other options we've tried and our opinions about them but also how WebFaction is handling this whole merger situation.

Also, Runcloud looks nice, the free plans come with a bunch of features. I'm still in between Cloudways, DO, and Hostiso myself.

Hostiso support was great and friendly, they replied within a few minutes every time I contacted them. Their UI is a bit meh but the specs are alright. The Cloudways support wasn't the best and not nearly as friendly but the service is still interesting nonetheless. DO is... well, like any other VPS-focused company (Vultr, Linode, etc).

It will be either Hostiso or Digital Ocean with Portainer to manage Docker images for the time being. My WebFaction plan renews at the end of the month so I am just taking the time to make the best decision I can :)

Also: I find it really amazing how no one from WebFaction even bothered to reply to the support ticket yet or to comment anything on this community Q&A website.

(13 Dec '18, 00:00) leodrummond

I've settled on Cloudways for now. It was between them and Hostiso. I'm not a fan of cPanel but you're right, their support and specs are decent. Cloudways has been very responsive to any questions I've had so thus far I'm happy with them. A few small issues but overall nothing deal-breaking. And I like their UI, plus their docs are competent. And frankly, after all the testing I just got tired of trying to find something comparable to WebFaction.

My only issue is that Cloudways' integration with Rackspace for emails leaves a LOT to be desired. So having to set up emails for my clients separately. Using shared hosting to manage both sites and emails is somewhat of a no-no I suppose, but the convenience and savings were always a draw with WebFaction and other standard shared hosting providers.

Do you happen to know of an inexpensive and solid email provider? My clients typically don't need anything fancy. Been looking at Rackspace, Zoho, and LiquidWeb.

And yeah, the total lack of responsiveness from WebFaction is very telling about how this is all going to end. Good to bail early for the sh*t hits the proverbial fan.

(19 Dec '18, 18:40) atomiccherry

Friends, at some point this forum is going to shut down. If you want to keep discussing this, I've created a forum about alternatives to WebFaction here. Uploads and links are allowed.

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answered 31 Dec '18, 18:26

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Hey kjodle, I tried to register but your Captcha is all messed up (I am also taking the opportunity to try Vanilla Forums). Just in case, I also created a discussion thread here.

(01 Jan '19, 23:06) leodrummond

Thanks for catching that—it's been fixed. I should have tested that more ahead of time.

(02 Jan '19, 01:02) kjodle

Okay, so the big question here is not "what is happening?" The big question is "where is everybody going?" I refuse to pay GoDaddy a damn penny!

Where are you guys moving to and why?

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answered 12 Dec '18, 01:00

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I'm about to test Hostiso, prices look good and it looks like they have the same type of functionality compared to here. 60 day money back guarantee too :)

(12 Dec '18, 01:57) leodrummond

I checked out Hostiso a bit earlier today. I'm not a fan of their control panel being jammed with upsell ads for things like Weebly, etc. I'd rather have the focus be on what I'm currently using, not what else they want me to buy. Granted, I've only looked into their shared hosting panel. Can't speak to their overall service. That just immediately turned me off.

(12 Dec '18, 02:09) atomiccherry

I'm moving to NearlyFreeSpeech.Net. It's a small quirky host so I feel it's unlikely to get bought out and shuttered as it appears has happened to WebFaction. Gandi.Net seems like a decent non-cPanel solution as well.

(18 Dec '18, 18:49) parawing742

Thanks for the additional options. They both look interesting. Gandi.net looks solid. I like their overall ideology. I'm already committed to Cloudways at this point having spent the better part of the last several days migrating client sites. But think I might just check them out.

(19 Dec '18, 18:45) atomiccherry

Just got an update from WebFaction:

Apologies for the absence of an answer on this question and any inconvenience this might have caused.

The single-sign one functionality referenced was due to a deployment that went wrong and was reverted.

That said, we understand that this has caused a lot of questions and our management will publicly address them soon.

We appreciate your patience. There's no need to panic and I'd suggest you wait until some feedback is provided. Regards,

Ilias R. WebFaction Support

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answered 17 Dec '18, 21:17

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edited 17 Dec '18, 21:17


Yeah, not sure I agree with their assessment of not to panic, lol. I contacted sales posing as an interested client since they never responded to my support tickets. They answered my Godaddy questions. WebFaction will in fact be deprecated/phased out and we will be forced to migrate to Godaddy (or elsewhere). So I've already started moving sites.

(17 Dec '18, 22:11) atomiccherry

I'm actually glad they made that technical goof and avoided my support tickets. It's given me an idea of the direction they're going and enough of a head start migrating all of my client sites somewhere else.

(17 Dec '18, 22:15) atomiccherry

Hey Atomic, if you still have the conversation logs, can you post what they said here? I'm documenting everything just in case. I'm also extremely happy they messed up that deployment.

It sucks because I legitimately used to love not only the service but the support team, but as I said before, they successfully pissed me off and I am also already moving my stuff to another hosting and sending my affiliates their way. Another interesting thing about the affiliates is that my affiliate link gets hundreds of clicks every month, some start the free trial, but WebFaction almost 99% of the time fails to convert them to paid customers. It's pretty annoying.

Going to Hostiso for now.

Random question: Does anybody know a cheap place to host Discourse hosting that is managed as well?

(17 Dec '18, 22:58) leodrummond

Thank you for posting leodrummond! I'm still interested to hearing an official announcement. Especially now that they know and understand that godaddy is not ok. I'll stay with WebFaction if they've taken charge and intend to buy their business back. If the travesty of having the worst non-company as owners continues, I'm moving out...

(17 Dec '18, 23:00) Asotos

No problem Asotos, happy to help :)

Do any of you guys have pictures of their website when they were pushing the GoDaddy account migration and the dashboard with the GoDaddy button? I forgot to take pictures.

(17 Dec '18, 23:03) leodrummond

I really should write about my latest experience with godaddy one of these days. People might think it's just a very bad company. It's not! They are outright scammers and I expect the federal authorities to take notice of them at some point...

(17 Dec '18, 23:09) Asotos

I got nearly the exact same response from a different support rep so this is a just a boilerplate formletter. I had already started moving sites back when the Godaddy takeover first happened, but as someone whose had to move hosts several times in the last few decades, I'd get out while you still can. The fact we've gotten NO official response on changes over the last few months is unacceptable. It appears that Webfaction is gone.

(18 Dec '18, 17:40) parawing742

When someones says "there's no need to panic" when being asked a question and then fail to answer the question, you should probably start panicking. I've been here for nearly a decade (since 2009) and I've never received such a useless response to a serious question.

(18 Dec '18, 18:03) parawing742

Hey Leo,

Sorry for late reply, have not been getting notifications of new replies. I do have the conversation log with the sales rep (see below).

Dealing with Godaddy is almost always a nightmare. Why would ANY WebFaction customer sit around and wait for some forced migration back to that hellscape? WebFaction is being so evasive about this whole affair. The writing is definitely on the wall.

This is the response I received from sales:

Ticket ID: CEM-461342 WebFaction was actually purchased 2 years ago as part of the GoDaddy purchase of HEG.

As for being phased out/deprecated, that is true. Sometime in the New Year WebFaction will no longer exist in the current form.

There will be an official announcement in the New Year with further details.


Björn M. WebFaction Support

(18 Dec '18, 18:17) atomiccherry

I do wish I would have taken a screenshot of the accidental migration screen when it was still active.

(18 Dec '18, 18:19) atomiccherry

Thank you Atomic, saved another screenshot of this question with your conversation included. :)

As for WebFaction, I am just waiting until my affiliate balance gets paid out and I am getting the hell out of here.

(18 Dec '18, 21:13) leodrummond

You're very welcome. I wish it hadn't come to this. I could understand if WebFaction was some typical shared hosting provider (e.g. Hostmonster) being absorbed and consolidated by Godaddy. Not a huge loss. But WebFaction filled a niche market and was run by people who honestly seemed to give a shit about their clients. No longer.

(18 Dec '18, 22:28) atomiccherry

But WebFaction filled a niche market and was run by people who honestly seemed to give a shit about their clients. No longer.

That's super true - well, it was. At first I was sad to see it go but now I can't wait until it does.

Note: If you guys want to keep in touch outside of this community website (which I am pretty sure it will go away as well), feel free to follow me on Twitter @leomdrummond.

(19 Dec '18, 23:23) leodrummond

I followed you on Twitter. I've been around here since 2009, but I'm bailing as fast as I can move websites. I have about 30 WebFaction apps that I manage over four different accounts so no sense waiting around for more bad news. Last I heard everyone is getting moved onto Godaddy's cPanel platform in January.

(20 Dec '18, 01:02) parawing742

Yeah same here, I literally opened my own shared hosting company and I am moving every single person I have recommended WebFaction (clients of my marketing agency) to it. Will bring my 2-3 affiliates with me as well.

Thanks for the follow, will make sure to follow you back and we can discuss hosting and all over there if you would like!

(20 Dec '18, 07:08) leodrummond

I'm not really active on Twitter but I do have an account and followed you. I should make an effort to be more active on social media. Twitter: @JohnPGarvin

I totally agree about initially being sad to see WebFaction go but after the way it's been handled, I'm way past ready to close out my account. Yep, from love to loathing. I will count it as a well-earned victory if I can get out before they begin pushing for the move. I want to quit before they fire me.

I spent 2 days prepping and moving clients to Cloudways, started experiencing glitches that I also tracked in the community going mostly unresolved. And their "Add-ons" which one would assume would make our lives a little easier proved to be half-baked solutions and huge time suckers. So today I jumped to Hostiso. Guess I'll learn to love cPanel. At least I can skin it so I don't have to stare at its default butt ugly UI all day.

(20 Dec '18, 08:56) atomiccherry

Hi @atomiccherry, would you mind elaborating on the specifics of the glitches and problems you found on Cloudways?

(21 Dec '18, 16:46) teks

Hi @teks. I'm certain that a couple of the problems I experienced could be ironed out if I had more time. But for all the WordPress site migrations, I was experiencing intermittent 503 backend fetch errors in the admin, only resolved by disabling varnish caching. Others in community forums said this "fix" did not work for them. Also on one of the sites I was getting service unavailable errors on some actions. Just didn't have time debug these or wait for other errors to crop up.

The other issues I had were with the "Add-ons". The Elastic Mail add-on works fine but due to Elastic Mail policies, it appends my account profile info to all outgoing transactional mail from all applications. I could have used Mailgun but lack of time prevented me from pursuing this option.

They are also partnered with Rackspace for mailboxes at half price, but there is zero control over this feature. And twice I had to request that a 'pending' action be handled so that I could add another mailbox. Otherwise it completely locks you out of adding or removing mailboxes.

Overall, I do like the services they provide. If these issues were ironed out I would definitely consider using them again for some client sites. I may keep my account open for a bit longer just to work through these issues when time permits.

(21 Dec '18, 18:10) atomiccherry

I am following everyone on Twitter here who provided their Twitter handle. I'm on Twitter @iswpw.

(23 Dec '18, 03:19) kjodle

Thanks for the follows! I'm curious to see how long WebFaction will last.

Quick update about Hostiso: I did some research and found that their website is almost an exact copy of this template (https://demo.serifly.com/cloudhub/html/) and they didn't even bother changing their company pictures. The service still works, but that kinda made me glad that I am no longer with them. haha

(30 Dec '18, 10:08) leodrummond

@leodrummond regarding Hostiso... yeah, I noticed that too and it really concerned me after I'd already had my client sites ported over. I should have been more diligent in checking them out but I'd already spent a couple weeks testing various hosts and was frankly tired, lol. I did contact them about the template profile pics and boilerplate copy and they responded to my concerns at least, basically saying that they had recently redesigned their site and had yet to make all the updates. Still, though, better to have no pics at all and no testimonials rather than obvious placeholders or fakes. That they're using an out-of-the-box template doesn't bother me too much but even their logo is the same... holy cow.

Not sure how much longer I will be with them based on these things. I've been checking out Squidix and Hostwinds. They're not the cheapest but seem to get good reviews.

(03 Jan '19, 19:47) atomiccherry
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Remaining former WebFaction employees, thanks for all you have done to try to save a few more passengers in the sinking ship before it's totally gone under. It is nice of you to try communicating even given the huge constraints given by GoDaddy management.

For those who are migrating off WebFaction/GoDaddy now or procrastinating migrating, here's a roundup of all the many WebFaction support forum items about the buyout as well as some advice about choosing another ISP: https://community.webfaction.com/questions/22274/daddy-issues-how-to-leave-webfaction

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answered 14 Aug '19, 06:00

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Our management is in the process of creating a blog post detailing future plans, alongside a series of FAQ’s, which will be shared in the new year.

As I've also mentioned in my response to a ticket raised by 'leodrummond', apologies once more for the delay on updating you on this issue and any inconvenience this might have caused.

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answered 18 Dec '18, 12:08

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What we need right now is an answer to if Webfaction (as we know it) is shutting down? Most of us are here for that legendary "Hosting for Developers" which is a service Godaddy cannot provide. If we're being moved to Godaddy, we need to know now even if the rest of the details aren't sorted out yet so we can jump ship.

(18 Dec '18, 17:44) parawing742

"Guys, just wait until GoDaddy completely removes WebFaction from existence, no need to panic, oh lordy gosh."

What a fucking joke.

This whole situation pissed me off so badly that I not only moved everything somewhere else but I AM opening my own shared hosting and moving all my affiliates there (including everyone I recommended WebFaction to). Good job guys.

(18 Dec '18, 21:15) leodrummond

My ticket got the boilerplate response and no answers to any further questions. We have to assume that WebFaction is shutting down since they refuse to give an explanation.

(18 Dec '18, 21:22) parawing742

Yes, seems they are shuttering the windows for good, just prepping behind the scenes now for the final shutdown. What irks me though is their lack of any meaningly response to our queries. I've asked very specific questions and received no reply and had to pose as a would-be customer to elicit any sort of response. That's just so unprofessional and no way to treat customers who have been with them for years and sung their praises to anyone looking for a good host.

(18 Dec '18, 22:32) atomiccherry

No response to my support ticket. No response to questions via Facebook (although they're marked as "seen"). No response via Twitter. No response via sales email.

This is a terrible, terrible way to handle things.

(18 Dec '18, 23:52) parawing742
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