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What a garbage email. No information about the upcoming discontinuation of WebFaction services or how those changes will affect existing customers. They can't even get the grammar correct in the subject line! Let's break it down:

As you know, WebFaction has joined forces with GoDaddy to bring you a hosting company with even more brawn.

WebFaction already has plenty of brawn. That's what brought me here ten years ago. GoDaddy on the other hand has an entire Wikipedia entry dedicated to their many controversies and evil business practices.

You'll only need one set of credentials to access your WebFaction services and to purchase GoDaddy products directly. After we implement this change, we'll help you set up a GoDaddy account to link with your WebFaction account.

I already have only one set of credentials and it works fine. I will never sign up for a GoDaddy account.

If you have any queries about this process or our new partnership with GoDaddy, please send us an email.

Yeah...right. I've asked support about upcoming changes many times and they refuse to comment.

asked 07 Jan '19, 23:21

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Here's my take:

Godaddy own paragon. Paragon own TSOhost and webfaction (and others).

TSOhost changed their service plans (trimmed) and then upped their prices. They kept same backend/system.

If webfaction were to close, in my opinion they need to give at least 3 months notice period. At least in order to avoid lawsuits. And if webfaction were to migrate, they still may just bolt on the 'buy domains through godaddy' and then give you the old control panel back.

Vidahost did merge with TSOhost, but they used the same backend anyway.

So in my opinion, it is just going to be trimmed services and price hikes, same as TSO.

Feel free to correct me.

(08 Jan '19, 01:37) trello99

I wish you were correct, but here's the problem with that theory: WebFaction put up a migration screen a few weeks ago that indicated they were moving everyone to the GoDaddy platform. They then pulled the page and further communication from the sales/support staff just refused to comment about it.

If they were just linking accounts, it'd be easy enough to say so instead of causing their customers to panic and speculate about when the eventual shutdown will happen.

As someone who's been though several webhost buyouts over the decades, my bets would be that the entire platform will be gone very shortly and will little warning. Either that or they're now completely incompetent about how to communicate effectively which is equally bad.

(08 Jan '19, 02:13) parawing742

I suppose there's a slight chance that @trello is correct. WebFaction's latest email seems to reflect that premise. However, previous communication with WebFaction (when they actually deigned to answer) indicated that WebFaction would be deprecated entirely and all accounts would be switched over to Godaddy. Even their revealing, if not completely boneheaded, migration/login screen mishap supports that notion.

I tend to agree with @parawing here. It would have been so simple to mitigate all this speculation by answering our concerns weeks ago rather than ignoring them. I simply don't trust them any longer. Despite being owned by Paragon now for 2 years, they at least gave the impression of having autonomy. Now however, that no longer seems to be the case.

(08 Jan '19, 09:45) atomiccherry

Here's what level 2 support responded with when I asked for clarification:

A more detailed email regarding GoDaddy's future plans and answers to most frequent questions will be sent out in the next weeks. Regards,

(08 Jan '19, 09:51) parawing742

If they keep the same control panel by Webfaction,then I would not move elsewhere.

(08 Jan '19, 09:52) anjanesh

The problem is that we have no idea if WebFaction service/control panel is going to remain the same and they have been refusing to talk about it since September.

(08 Jan '19, 10:06) parawing742

And even their latest 'level 2' support response reveals absolutely nothing. They either don't know themselves what Godaddy's plans are or they are fully aware that telling us the truth will cause the proverbial rats to leave their sinking ship.

(08 Jan '19, 18:53) atomiccherry

Maybe the techs just aren't allowed to talk about it and it's they're way of telling us to leave.

(08 Jan '19, 19:25) parawing742
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What's up Webfaction? “Time to spill the beans" it says on the homepage, but little of substance follows.

The homepage now says:

You can count on an enriched product range and service that outshines the others, and that’s just the start of it. We know that not everyone likes change. If this is you, don’t worry. The process of joining forces will be streamlined. For you, it’ll just be business as usual.

But the migration page is more specific and says:

Linking an existing or new account will help us migrate your products to manage as WebFaction is deprecated. Not linking any account means you will not be able to sign in to GoDaddy to manage products once WebFaction is gone.

It's time to be up front with your loyal customers and explain what's happening. Not with empty phrases à la "It's going to be alright" or "It'll be even better" and conflicting messages such as the two above, but with real facts about which services will remain and which will not.

We all have our own clients and frequently also meticulously developed infrastructure on our Webfaction servers and we need to be able to reassure our customers and know that our existing systems will continue to work and for how long, and if not, what the transition arrangements and actual alternatives are. We can't have to deal with it in a rush when details become available at the last minute – we need to plan for changes and it's simply not professional of us (or you for that matter) to spring changes on our customers at the last minute.

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answered 15 Jan '19, 08:29

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Don't count on getting a reply. I've been begging for details for months now and WebFaction support have refused to give out any details about the shutdown. This is one of the worst handled takeovers I've ever been through.

(15 Jan '19, 13:59) parawing742

That's exactly how I expected them to handle this, especially after the "wrong deployment" mess that happened a bit ago - which was basically the deployment of the exact same homepage they have now, but that was accidentally deployed before they were ready to share it with us. Honestly, the wrong deployment excuse makes no sense now, since the amount of information (or lack thereof) is still the same and the page looks identical.

Regardless, happy to say that I am no longer a customer! They pissed me off so much that I have started my own hosting company since then. I came to WebFaction to run away from GoDaddy (and others alike) so staying wasn't an option.

I am truly glad they sent that first joke of email that looked like spam letting us know they got acquired, "messed up" the deployment and showed us what was coming, and stopped replying to our questions and concerns and began with the "it will be okay" crap, allowing me to get a headstart moving my stuff somewhere else.

It was good while it lasted, and I appreciate all the help I've received from the WebFaction staff throughout the years. Unfortunately, out of all the ways you guys could've handled this and out of all the people you could've sold Paragon Internet Group to... (like the kids say) this ain't it, chief.

Rest in peace WF.

(16 Jan '19, 07:47) leodrummond

They keep sending me the same email. I've already received 3 duplicates.

This email flies in the face of what I eventually squeezed out of a WebFaction sales rep, that WebFaction is deprecated and will no longer exist. This email implies that one would login first via Godaddy and then we would immediately have access to the WebFaction backend. This is NOT what I was previously told and NOT what their migration login screen indicated before they took it down.

I do not trust them to be honest at all anymore. They have been wholly tight-lipped about this. Unresponsive at best and downright deceptive at worst. It has the Godaddy stench all over it.

At this point I wouldn't stay even if the WebFaction backend remained intact. With Godaddy running the show things will only go downhill.

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answered 08 Jan '19, 00:16

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It's amazing how poorly they were able to handle this transition: A spam-like email, a migration screen that was put up too early, no information about upcoming changes, sales/support refusing to talk or giving conflicting information.

I'm moved one of my four accounts back in December because that one wasn't worth the risk of waiting. I think the signal is here to move the rest of the sites. Ugh.

(08 Jan '19, 02:01) parawing742

At this point it would be way too much effort for me to move everything back to them. I've already moved all but one site.

I have other clients I don't virtual host but who I recommended to WebFaction after they came to me dissatisfied with their current hosting (mostly Godaddy). So far today 4 have contacted me about other options.

This all could have so easily been avoided had they been more communicative up front instead of so evasive.

(08 Jan '19, 09:52) atomiccherry

Webfaction sent out an email about the migration to GoDaddy and, per usual, it was empty of any meaningful information. This is worrying because the migration is only months away and migrating a single project/site can be time consuming.

At this point, I think it's safe to assume that Webfaction has abandoned any sense of professionalism you would expect in this situation. Their plan seems to be to stall for as long as possible to forcefully migrate customers to one of GoDaddy's default plans, which means a total loss of Webfaction specific functionality.

I suggest that people start looking for another hosting solution ASAP.

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answered 12 Mar '19, 23:01

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i have hired a Moving Van. They are due to our house by months end.

(13 Mar '19, 00:18) baba

For those with any doubts left as to the evilness of how Godaddy runs their hosting business, here's something that just came to light today:



GoDaddy is sneaking tracking codes into all the website they host so they can monitor performance. This is done by default and you have to disable it if you don't want them messing with the code on your page.

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answered 13 Jan '19, 13:50

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I asked WebFaction support if they intend to install malware/spyware on our sites after the GoDaddy takeover is complete:

Currently there is no tracking code added to WebFaction hosted websites so any change would be announced and then implemented after a time period.

So the answer isn't no. It's another maybe. I am more amazed every day how terrible a company GoDaddy is.

(13 Jan '19, 20:13) parawing742

This doesn't shock me in the least. Neither does the reply you received. It's disappointing but not surprising.

I contacted WebFaction about the contradictions between what I was previously told (sites migrated to Godaddy cPanel hosting) compared to their latest email that seemed to imply the WebFaction way of doing things would remain intact and only the login and main account would change. I received an almost identical response that you did. Wait for another email from Godaddy with further explanation.

(13 Jan '19, 21:01) atomiccherry

I have 1 site left to migrate from WebFaction and then I'm out. Shutting down my account. Can't wait.

(13 Jan '19, 21:02) atomiccherry

The story has hit Tech Republic now as well as popular blog sites: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/godaddy-injecting-site-breaking-javascript-into-customer-websites-heres-a-fix/

Can't wait to see how GoDaddy/WebFaction spin this awful anti-consumer behavior.

(14 Jan '19, 18:59) parawing742

Do you still have an account on WebFaction? Looks like it's now official. You first have to create a Godaddy account and then you can access the WebFaction control panel via the Godaddy main account. For now at least it just appears as one of their products/packages. Not sure if this is the extent of the takeover or if this is just a temporary stopgap until they absorb WebFaction altogether. Still, it negates the whole idea of 'developer-friendly' boutique hosting.

(14 Jan '19, 19:25) atomiccherry

Also, curious if Godaddy is currently offering WebFaction as a service for someone who does not currently have a WebFaction account. Or if this is only for existing WebFaction clients who will ultimately be forced to migrate to Godaddy or abandon ship.

(14 Jan '19, 19:29) atomiccherry

I started getting the calls today. There are dozens of client accounts I manage that are hosted here. I've only moved some of my personal stuff thus far. Gonna be a long month of migrations.

(14 Jan '19, 21:41) parawing742

Pretty much spent the month of December migrating clients away from them. Totally sucked.

I just checked and if you don't already have a WebFaction account, you are immediately redirected to Godaddy with no overt mention of WebFaction at all. So it's almost guaranteed that in the very near future all existing accounts will be pushed to Godaddy.

(14 Jan '19, 23:38) atomiccherry

if i can't keep my WebFaction panel going forth i need to find another hosting place. Anyone have a suggestion? No Cpanel, and have the same robustness as what WebFaction offers? ping me or leave commnet

(26 Jan '19, 19:02) baba

I too will stick to GoDaddy's migration if they retain Webfaction's control panel.

(27 Jan '19, 03:49) anjanesh
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After no responses to my support questions, I ended up just moving to TVC.Net who migrated my account to their super fast cpanel service free the same day for less than I was paying at webfaction. Worth checking out their testimonials if you are on the fence about hosting.

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answered 12 Mar '19, 18:02

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For those who are migrating off WebFaction/GoDaddy now or procrastinating migrating, here's a roundup of all the many WebFaction support forum items about the buyout as well as some advice about choosing another ISP: https://community.webfaction.com/questions/22274/daddy-issues-how-to-leave-webfaction

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answered 14 Aug '19, 06:05

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