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Well after tons and tons of work migrating my sites and a few months to settle, I am ready to push the "cancel account" button on WebFaction.

Below you can find a list of the numerous WebFaction support forum threads about this cluster-fork, some of which contain helpful advice about new ISPs to migrate to, as well as some off-site links for when GoDaddy finally takes down this forum.

For the former staff of WebFaction, I want to join everyone else in thanking you for years of awesome programmer-friendly service, and I hope you can find employment somewhere that is worthy of your talents.

Thank you GoDaddy for destroying yet another good ISP and wasting thousands and thousands of hours on behalf of your customers. And thank you to whoever at WebFaction allowed this travesty to go through without insisting on the right to properly give advance warning and meaningful status updates to your customers, instead just bending over to your Daddy's gag orders---we hope you are enjoying your millions. I'm sure when GoDaddy finally shuts down WebFaction's servers, GoDaddy will care so little, and things will be so disorganized, that despite the good intentions of any remaining WebFaction employees, there will be zero warning for former WebFaction victims who have not yet migrated away on their own. That is how these buyouts generally turn out (I have experience with two now, sigh). GoDaddy, I hope you feel it is worth the extra subscriber count you can show your shareholders to continue your pathetic Ponzi scheme. As your multi-year record humping other companies to death proves, and as your handful of sugar-coated, marketspeak-dripping, utterly meaningless communications since the WebFaction buyout prove, you are just as bad as EIG. You and EIG are the genital warts on the body of capitalism, and whether it be by antitrust actions or fraud lawsuits, you both need to be treated immediately.

For the many others still in this process or who have been procrastinating the inevitable, note you have many ISPs to choose from, some of whom offer a hosted model (where OS/server security updates are done automatically for you) and some of whom let you configure a raw VM and give you root access. The most important thing is not to choose one already owned by GoDaddy or EIG (frequently they issue gag orders to prevent the fake small companies from revealing their true ownership, especially in the first months/years after the buyout).

A good general resource for ISP reviews is http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ which has a pretty reasonable policy for separating ads from reviews posted by real users. Always good to do a search for any ISP you are considering there, remembering that the forum members have a huge range of technical skill and so some complaints can reflect more on the poster's unreasonable expectations than on the ISP itself.

A former WebFaction customer created this forum for discussing WebFaction alternatives (kjodle.net goes down now and then but try again later): https://forum.kjodle.net/categories/godaddy-buyout-of-webfaction or https://forum.kjodle.net/discussions

For those who made heavy use of the WebFaction API and are dreading leaving it, note that even the ubiquitous and often-jeered-at cPanel has an API and although it's ugly, it does actually work for almost everything the WebFaction API could do. I provide some sample code and dox to help you get started here: https://forum.kjodle.net/discussion/20/surprise-api-cpanel-shared-hosting-actually-is-a-webfaction-alternative

A notable ISP to consider is this one Opalstack started by former WebFaction employees:




I ended up going with MDDHosting, which I reviewed here: https://forum.kjodle.net/discussion/21/mddhosting-is-a-good-webfaction-shared-hosting-alternative

Here are all the WebFaction support forum threads about the buyout. These threads are peppered with recommendations for other ISPs, mostly (but not all) ISPs where you have root and configure your own VM:













Good luck and pray that you won't have to do this again (it's my second time, sigh).

asked 14 Aug '19, 05:46

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edited 14 Aug '19, 06:09

I put a link in the various threads back to this roundup to try to help people searching for a new ISP.

(14 Aug '19, 06:06) cpirazzi

Ok now the time has come to really migrate, because webfaction is telling us they can't migrate even the most basic one-django-app setups.

I have migrated to Opalstack and I want to recommend it for all who need to escape the webfaction ship.

The service is pretty much equivalent to webfaction and the support guys have REALLY helped, answering ALL of my emails in the same day (could be 5-6 a day for a couple of days). I hope this encourages more people to use Opalstack because, really, they have been so awesome! My site is completely migrated and running. And they must be under such heavy load these days with everybody hurrying to migrate away from webfaction. I'm seriously considering to create a tipping campaign so we can compensate the opalstack staff for receiving all of us, webfaction outcasts.

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answered 26 Oct '20, 02:39

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Thanks @elmartus! ??

(26 Oct '20, 03:13) seanf

Thanks for the mention. Best of luck.

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answered 14 Aug '19, 06:58

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+1 for OpalStack. Staffed by the original WebFaction guys, very familiar setup for long-time WebFaction users, knowledgable and accessible support available quickly even though there's a flood of new users. To facilitate moving from WebFaction to OpalStack they've built script that I've used to flawlessly transfer my simpler stuff (WordPress), manually moved static sites.

Still experimenting with setup for more involved stuff (svn, trac, ...) but given my experience thus far I have no hesitation recommending them. OpalStack feels like a more modern version of WebFaction. If you prefer managed servers (read: come with experts who know the infrastructure they're supporting), these guys are good stuff.

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answered 28 Oct '20, 19:48

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Hey guys! One year after, webfaction is still here. The other day someone from support told me about the "inminent migration", but he did not know any specific dates and he didnt have any idea about what the service is going to look like after the "migration".

Does anybody know anything about this?

I'm also looking into Opalstack, can anyone share their experience?

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answered 28 Aug '20, 16:14

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I partially moved to Opalstack a year or so ago. "Partially" due only to my personal "wading through molasses" problem. But also because of the fact that I set things up at Webfaction long ago and have pretty much forgotten the fussy details. Opalstack has a different approach to doing things, so I need to figure that out too. As well as re-learning the way Webfaction works.

I haven't used Opalstack for much, but most things seem to be there and most things are working fine. People there are keeping things working and making improvements from time to time.

They offer a 14 day free trial, then monthly (or, discounted, yearly payments in advance). So if you got right to testing, it could cost you nothing to see if Opalstack could do what you need it to do.

Opalstack is well worth looking into, I say. :)

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answered 28 Aug '20, 22:19

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@ericxob77 thanks for the mention :-)

(05 Oct '20, 18:02) seanf

Opalstack automatically sets up DKIM records for you domains. Whereas I think (pls correct me if wrong) Webfaction never did. So we don't need to feel that migration means doing a lot of work in order to stay in the same place. We could actually be advancing (in some ways at least).

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answered 02 Nov '20, 19:43

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Thanks for taking all the time in writing this.

After doing a lot of research, I'm moving to TVCNet hosting this week, since they do free website migrations, and are super fast, provide cPanel, phone, chat and email support as well. What a breath of fresh air being able to actually talk to a person by phone.

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answered 14 Aug '19, 14:23

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Received the "we cannot migrate your website" email. OK, bye, thanks for 7 years service, you have been a good host at times. By the way, there may still be one or two customers interested in the refund issue. According to the email, if they cannot migrate your website, then webfaction will issue a refund for unused time. I imagine it would be fairly easy to fix a website so that it is not migrateable.

(20 Oct '20, 18:00) atherton
(20 Oct '20, 23:50) klynton

Goodbye @webfaction.Gonna miss you.Thanks for your service & great support.Hello @opalstack ! You're the alternative I'm looking for. Wow for the awesome scripts, @OpalstackHelp . Migrated all apps with little effort. Appears promising support.Hope you never fall into @GoDaddy

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answered 24 Nov '20, 06:58

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As a possible tip, on the subject of "How to leave WebFaction":

If you are due a refund for unused time (because your account could not be migrated to tsoHost because of incompatible feature) then it might be advisable to not actually cancel your account but just let it run out.

I nearly cancelled my account, but it occurred to me that doing so could blow my chance of a refund, so I'm leaving it to run out.

Maybe one of the stalwart remaining Webfaction staff could confirm if this understanding is correct.

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answered 27 Nov '20, 17:42

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Actually if you are no longer using the WebFaction hosting account you should Cancel and any refunds due would be paid within forty five dates of the "end date(2020-12-09)".

(27 Nov '20, 17:51) aaront ♦♦

Thanks for your reply. But if it is the case that:

customers (type A) who choose not to migrate are not due a refund;

customers (type B) whose accounts technically cannot be migrated are due a refund;

then if a customer just closes their account because they are no longer using it, as you recommend, how do you tell if they are type A or type B?

(01 Dec '20, 17:11) atherton

Everyone closing their account after the 13th of October, when we've send the first emails about a migration to tsohost, should be eligible to a refund if they have credits left in their balance.

(01 Dec '20, 17:17) iliasr

Ok, done. Best wishes to all past and present members of Webfaction staff.

(02 Dec '20, 22:51) atherton
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