I just came across the awesome django-mediagenerator. It needs sass (http://sass-lang.com/) to be installed in order to work properly. I'm a Python user and never touched Ruby, yet. On my development machine I got it flying easily by doing "sudo apt-get install libhaml-ruby1.8".

However I have no clue on how to get sass installed on my webfaction accounts.

Any suggestions?

asked 29 Oct '10, 00:59

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We have documentation on installing ruby gems here:


In this case you wouldn't need to cd into your rails app. :)

permanent link

answered 29 Oct '10, 01:09

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Okay so I did the following:

cd ~

mkdir gems

export GEM_HOME=$PWD/gems

export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH

gem install haml

This installed a lot of stuff into the new gems folder but still I am not able to run "sass" or "sass-convert" on my shell. I'm pretty sure my django app wouldn't be able to call this command as well...

(29 Oct '10, 01:21) mbrochh mbrochh's gravatar image

Ah me stupid. I guess I will just have to add ~/gems/bin to my path in my wsgi start script. Many thanks for your help!

(29 Oct '10, 01:24) mbrochh mbrochh's gravatar image

I'm glad you got it figured out! I didn't even have time to finish a reply before you had it. :)

(29 Oct '10, 01:30) klynton klynton's gravatar image

I've installed haml to the gems directory, but when I try the sass command I get

~/gems/gems/haml-3.1.2/lib/sass: Is a directory - ~/gems/gems/haml-3.1.2/lib/sass (Errno::EISDIR)
from ~/gems/bin/sass:19:in `load'
from ~/gems/bin/sass:19
(15 Jul '11, 14:23) ycason3 ycason3's gravatar image

Oh, sass was separated out of haml. Now you have to do a 'gem install sass'

(15 Jul '11, 14:35) ycason3 ycason3's gravatar image

Hey mbrochh! How did you add ~/gems/bin to your path in <project>.wsgi? I suppose that its not the python path you are talking about? I want to see some code, please :)

(28 Jan '12, 09:28) Akseli Palén Akseli%20Pal%C3%A9n's gravatar image

Hi Akseli, There are various ways to do this, they are all explained in our docs here. If you want to do it by adding to the sys.path, this section is what you're looking for.

(28 Jan '12, 09:52) todork todork's gravatar image

Just run this command to set the path: export PATH=gems/bin:$PATH

(16 Jul '13, 15:39) krishollenbeck krishollenbeck's gravatar image
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