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Is it possible to setup an Auto-responder without the panel?

Much like changing passwords without the panel, it would be ideal to be able to allow mailbox users to setup their own auto-responders. It appears that auto-responders are tied to the email address specifically, so I am not sure how this would work, but setting up through the control panel would be problematic.

asked 21 Apr '11, 12:14

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I am sure there have been discussions on this., which eludes me.... but why can't Autoresponder message be set via one of the Webmail Clients?

(12 Dec '14, 06:12) baba

Our autoresponders are part of the mail transfer agent configuration on our MX servers. The webmail servers are separate machines from the MX servers, and at this time we don't have a way for the webmail servers to manage the MTA configuration in a secure manner.

We're looking into ways to do this, but there are no concrete plans and no ETAs at this time.

(12 Dec '14, 16:28) seanf

Hi all!

I published a small Sinatra application that addresses this issue.

Check it out here: https://github.com/etnlmy/webfaction_autoresponder

The installation procedure is pretty clear I guess, but any feedback is welcome. I hope it helps!

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answered 05 Jun '14, 19:39

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Excellent! Thanks for sharing that :)

(05 Jun '14, 19:42) seanf

I just set this up and it still works. Thank you so much!

(27 Apr '18, 15:04) shadowhand

We currently don't have a UI for regular users to set auto-responders on their email addresses, so your choices are:

  • Do it yourself in the Control Panel
  • Use our control panel API to create your own application to allow users to manage their autoresponders
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answered 21 Apr '11, 12:45

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This is something that would seem like such a fundamental feature it's hard to believe that this hasn't been done yet! As torontohonda pointed out below, there's the problem of being able to authenticate the users if we're going to try to write it ourselves. This just doesn't seem feasible through the API because the only way to login to use the API is with a valid control panel user account.

(09 Dec '11, 15:07) Arunas

Your users don't need to authenticate with the control panel API. They only need to authenticate with your application. Your application can use whatever user authentication mechanism you want. Once the user is logged in, your application then logs into the API (with your control panbel credentials) to perform whatever functions you've allowed the user to perform (such as setting the autoresponder).

I'm not disputing that having some end-user UI for dealing with autoresponders would be a great addition to our service - I'm just pointing out that if you do want to make your own tool for managing autoresponders, you don't need any kind of special control panel login for your email users to make something like this work.

(09 Dec '11, 17:01) seanf

Sorry, I'm a little late following up on this.

I've taken a look at the api, and I see a few snags. I'd like to build an application with the following workflow:

  1. User visits application page.
  2. User logs in with their mailbox name and password
  3. User sees a form with their current information listed.
  4. User updates the autoresponder information (autoresponder on/off, subject, message, from address) and clicks UPDATE.

The two snags are:

a) I see no way of verifying that the mailbox/password entered in step 2 are valid.

b) Can I use the update_email() api without providing all of the elements (targets, etc.)

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answered 04 May '11, 15:03

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Was there any resolution to this problem?

I too am looking for a way to allow the user of a mailbox or email address to set their own out-of-office auto-responder message. What I'm really confused by is that, from quickly scanning over the API reference guide, it would seem that you a user must be logged in using a control panel username and password in order to use the update_email() api call... in which case this defeats the purpose surely - i.e. the mailbox user couldn't use his mailbox username and password to call update_email because he'd first need to have logged in using a control panel login (which he won't have).

Does anyone have any further help in how to setup a mailbox or email address auto-responder message outside of the control panel (without the need for a control panel login)? It would be must appreciated... Thanks.

(11 Aug '11, 08:09) urbanian

I was told (in a ticket I think) that they'd have to implement their own login system.

Essentially the backend of the login system would have the main control panel login (the super account), and once the user authenticates on an individual user level (using your own authentication system), you'd use the super account to make all the changes through the API. At least that's how I envisioned it working.

I started working on it, but in the end, we've decided to switch to a different host. The web service was great, but our email administrator wasn't happy with the mail's control panel, and the lack of user-level autoresponder was too big of an obstacle for them. They also had a lot of issues with spam that weren't getting resolved to their liking.

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answered 11 Aug '11, 09:19

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Reading around the forums and the blog, I see this has been asked several times and webfaction have indicated in the past that an individually settable (i.e. without giving email users the control panel login) is planned (though no ETA).

This is the one activity where as a web designer I find myself doing admin duties and my clients would like to be able to administer that themselves. Is this something you could consider adding - if not as a separate form (like the password change form) then as a round cube plugin in the webmail interface?

Many thanks for considering!

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answered 20 Sep '13, 03:15

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This is still under consideration, and I've passed your request along to our developers.

(20 Sep '13, 16:57) seanf

I'm not providing any new information here, just expressing my mind over the idea - we need user to be able to set auto-responder for himself. If i've understood correctly, there's no any proper way to achieve this (ex. via API).

This wasn't a problem earlier, because Google Apps were free. Nowadays, it's a problem.

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answered 16 Apr '14, 08:03

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Any update on this?

It's been seven years since the OP posted and four and half years since I last asked. This thread has been viewed 5000+ times. Surely that must count for ongoing customer interest in this functionality.

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answered 24 May '18, 18:54

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This is something we are still considering as a future control panel feature.

(26 May '18, 21:29) iliasr ♦♦
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