I don't know if this is the right place for this question but I would like to get an answer before tacking a decision.

The architecture of my next project is the follow:

2 rails3 applications based on ruby 1.9.2 1 sinatra application (also based on ruby 1.9.2 and that requires very small memory) that uses sphinx for indexing data.

All applications must share the same database.

Probably all applications will not be under heavy traffic (this will be only a testing/demo environment).

  • So, my question is: which plan (or combination of plans) should best match my requests?

  • I mind, is better to buy a single plan and add lot of application memory or separate plans?

  • And again, with a single powerful plans, is possible to run all application inside the same nginx instance for example?

I've just seen that in your spaces is possible to install ruby 1.9.2 and sphinx and I would like to find the less expensive solution to host my applications.

Please answer all my questions and if possible link me the related tutorials (or wiki pages) if available.

Regards, Stefano

asked 09 Jun '11, 07:05

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Without really knowing how much RAM your applications need, my initial guesstimate is that you will want between 160MB and 200MB of RAM. Splitting the applications up on separate plans across different servers is the cheapest way to go. I would recommend two basic 80MB plans, as these can be as low as $11/month together while offering 160MB of RAM. Then, you could add an additional 40MB of RAM to one of the plans if you needed it.

It is also possible to purchase a single plan and then add RAM incrementally. This is more expensive, though. The only benefit here is that you actually can run your applications under a single Nginx instance, and thus reduce total ram usage a little. In my opinion, though, it won't be enough of an advantage to offset the cost savings of having two separate plans with the prepayment discounts.

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answered 18 Jun '11, 02:28

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