is there going to be a one-click installer for web2py anytime soon?

asked 14 Jun '11, 11:26

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are there any better answers to this? Current anwser does not work, atleast as described.

(10 Nov '11, 02:55) Baron Baron's gravatar image

@Baron: see my answer

(13 Nov '11, 19:33) user user's gravatar image

We have a script that will install web2py for you.

Here is the link: web2py installer

*If you choose the hg option, you must have hg installed in your account.

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answered 14 Jun '11, 11:31

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timg ♦♦
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seanf ♦♦

thank you,now trying to sort the error: Error: /var/tmp/api_system.61108: line 1: Error:: command not found that I got in the latest source version (not hg).

(14 Jun '11, 11:41) blackthorne blackthorne's gravatar image

You can also install manually by clicking on view code, copy the script minus the first and last lines. Then add a new application, choice custom for the type. Click view/hide script and paste the script into Script code.

(14 Jun '11, 11:48) timg ♦♦ timg's gravatar image

problem with the links on that wiki page has to do with the URL encoding. After decoding the target url for the script it worked

(14 Jun '11, 12:14) blackthorne blackthorne's gravatar image

The link in this answer should be a hyperlink

(14 Sep '11, 19:16) user user's gravatar image

ok, fixed.

(14 Sep '11, 19:21) seanf ♦♦ seanf's gravatar image

I got the same error as blackthorne about /var/tmp/api_system... and decoding the url worked for me as well.

(14 Sep '11, 19:28) user user's gravatar image

also same error for me, even when decoded URL

(10 Nov '11, 02:54) Baron Baron's gravatar image

This script should work with decoded URLs. If it's not working, please open a support ticket and we'll be happy to look into it.

(10 Nov '11, 03:01) ryans ♦♦ ryans's gravatar image

OK, have opened ticket

(10 Nov '11, 03:10) Baron Baron's gravatar image

Just an update on this - it seems the hyperlink can cause issues with the Control Panel not recognizing the URL. In this case, try typing the following URL directly in the "Script URL" field of the "Custom Application" dialogue:

(10 Nov '11, 03:35) ryans ♦♦ ryans's gravatar image

This answer does not really give the complete story. If you follow it, it won't work without jumping through some hoops. See my answer for a working solution.

(24 Nov '11, 13:55) user user's gravatar image
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Go to:

Near the bottom of that page click on the "Install" link where it says:

web2py (Latest stable source): Install or View code

Log into your webfaction panel if prompted to.

You should be taken to a page in your webfaction panel for installing a custom script. On that page there will be a field called "Install script url:". In that field there will be a url but it will have wacky url encoding:

Edit the text in that field to make it normal (just copy and paste the following):

Click the "Fetch Url" hyperlink.

Click the Create button. This literally takes about 1 minute to install. Voila! I just did it now so I can cofirm this works.

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answered 13 Nov '11, 19:33

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I can't log in to web2py's admin panel via my admin pwd??

(20 Nov '11, 06:49) jrbio jrbio's gravatar image

Your initial web2py admin password is set to your WebFaction password but if you change on of them, the change doesn't reflect to the other.

(20 Nov '11, 07:02) iliasr ♦♦ iliasr's gravatar image

I did a fresh install of web2py via the script and made my website use connect to the web2py app via https. The other two ( and are connected to the same app, w/o https. Now I can't login to my web2py admin site, I've checked the pwd couple of times.. What am I missing here?

(20 Nov '11, 18:52) jrbio jrbio's gravatar image

It doesn't look like you have any HTTPS website records defined for your application, so the HTTPS URLs merely result in a Site Not Configured page. For more information on HTTPS, please see our HTTPS documentation.

(20 Nov '11, 19:19) ryans ♦♦ ryans's gravatar image

According to their CEO, yes. I just received this email from her after I suggested it in reply to a feedback email.

Hi Chris, Thanks for suggestion. We were already planning on adding a web2py installer so I've bumped up the priority.

Regards, Remi.

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answered 21 Nov '11, 12:15

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