After running the installer (great job btw, the installers really make things easy), i made a bare-bones Django app to setup the static stuff, etc. Anyway, the installer message said it would install python2.7, and apache/wsgi, but i can't find the python executable it said it installed.

On my site I output the python version info (sys.version_info) and path to executable (sys.executable), and it says it's python 2.7, and the executable lives in /usr/local/bin/python ... however, when I SSH into the server and run /usr/local/bin/python to start an interactive prompt, it's using python 2.4.

thanks in advance for you help :)

asked 04 Aug '11, 08:31

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Our installer doesn't actually set up a separate Python 2.7 executable - it uses the system Python 2.7 environment.

sys.executable can't be used to determine the Python version under mod_wsgi, since the Python interpreter isn't being used directly.

You can confirm the Python version in use by your mod_wsgi installation as you did with sys.version_info or by running ldd against your, eg:

[you@webNNN django]# ldd apache2/modules/ | grep python => /usr/local/lib/ (0x0068e000)

Hope that helps!

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answered 04 Aug '11, 11:12

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Interesting, never seen "ldd" before. Perfect answers (as usual), thanks so much Sean.

(04 Aug '11, 13:09) christophers... christopherscott's gravatar image

You're very welcome!

(04 Aug '11, 13:11) seanf ♦♦ seanf's gravatar image
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