Hello, I'm trying to setup my rails application to use the latest stable everything, using rvm I was able to get ruby/rails and all that working right. The last step I think is setting up passenger with my existing nginx.

I got far in that I downloaded the src, and ran the configure script pointing to my passenger location. But then I get the error:

Permission denied - /tmp/passenger-compile-check-15512.c.out

In which I'm not sure what to do about that.

The nginx bin files are in my: ~/nginx1.0.5/src/nginx-1.0.5/ folder

which from there I'm supposed to run:

./configure --add-module=/home/pixelfist/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290/gems/passenger-3.0.8/ext/nginx --prefix=/home/pixelfist/webapps/pierce_engineering/nginx2/

The nginx2 is just a test folder since I didn't want to install it over my current nginx installation that was set up for me when I created that app.

asked 05 Aug '11, 20:24

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Thanks Johns, though as I read through the output of all that I noticed it wasn't nginx that was trying to execute from the /tmp directory. It was actually the rake command to setup the NGINX that was messed up. The problem is the /tmp dir is hard-coded into the ~/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.2-p290/gems/passenger-3.0.8/lib/phusion_passenger/platform_info.rb

and on line 163 you see:

   def self.tmpdir
            result = ENV['TMPDIR']

            if result && !result.empty?
                    return result.sub(/\/+\Z/, '')
                    return '/tmp'

So I replaced the line return '/tmp' to return '~/tmp' Then I created a dir: mkdir ~/tmp

So it would work out of the tmp folder in your home directory.

Once I did that and ran that rake command that it was attempting it worked fine, I've also ran the configure script again as well and the phusion-nginx-installer or whatever it was script again and not only did it work, but my site is now fully functional running on the latest stable releases!

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answered 05 Aug '11, 21:45

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Wouldn't it be more sensible to just export TMPDIR=$HOME/tmp maybe even in .rvmrc only?

(07 Dec '11, 04:26) Jan Limpens Jan%20Limpens's gravatar image

It looks like it is trying to execute a file within /tmp/ which will not work as /tmp on our servers has noexec for security. Try setting '--builddir' to someplace within your home directory. http://wiki.nginx.org/InstallOptions

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answered 05 Aug '11, 21:12

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If you're looking to set up Ruby 1.9.2 with a Passenger + Rails application, see this related community post.

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answered 06 Jan '12, 19:48

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