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Whatever we can do to fight the scourge of spam, and help to ensure delivery of our mail, will be worthwhile. Please count me as wanting DKIM support for the email I send from my WebFaction domain.

Thank you.

asked 02 Sep '11, 18:18

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edited 02 Sep '11, 18:19

Perhaps this DKIM software would be helpful: http://webos.freshmeat.net/tags/dkim

(02 Sep '11, 18:29) DavidP

This is a feature on our internal tracking lists to add, but has no ETA.

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answered 02 Sep '11, 18:44

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Is there an update on this? I ask because we send emails via google apps, as well as via webfaction. I'm trying to set up DKIM and DMARC correctly to try to help keep our emails out of recipients' junk mail boxes, but mails sent from smtp.webfaction.com are all failing DKIM policy evaluation.

(23 Apr '15, 10:48) Tex

There's no update at this time, but I've noted your interest in DKIM in our internal ticketing system.

(23 Apr '15, 16:38) seanf

In that case, can you tell me whether it will be possible for me to set up DMARC for my domain as long as we're still sending emails from smtp.webfaction.com, or will I need to hold off on that?

It's important for us to be able to use DMARC, since it should improve the spam score of various emails we send, thereby helping us to stay out of recipients' junk mail boxes. We have SPF configured correctly, and also DKIM for google apps. Our domain has a high score, is not blacklisted anywhere, and we don't send any bulk emails, so we're doing everything right on our side.

(24 Apr '15, 09:50) Tex

You can create DMARC TXT records for your domain via our control panel. Instructions for creating TXT records are here: Configuring TXT Records

You'll need to add "_dmarc.your_domain.com" as a subdomain first, and then create the TXT record for that subdomain.

Hope that helps!

(24 Apr '15, 15:57) seanf

I would also like to add my voice to those requesting DKIM support. Emails from one of my domains sometimes don't get through people's spam filters.

(03 Nov '15, 19:15) PeterA

I have move to webfaction some days ago, almost all cheap hosting provider allow us to manage DNS records - TXT records, cname, A records... Why webfaction can give us that feature ??? - This issue is from SEP 2011 !!!! I cant believe it!!. For all guys who need this I think one solutions is have the DNS hostend in other provider. Please Webfaction you can do better

(25 Jan '16, 15:14) iqdavidh

Documentation on adding DNS records (A records, CNAMEs, TXT records, MX records, SPF records and SRV records) is available here.

(25 Jan '16, 15:26) maryh

It's 2016: what do we need to do to get WebFaction to take this request seriously?

As of this month, Google is marking messages that arrive in GMail and can't be authenticated as potentially spoofed, and preventing your avatar image for showing up for your recipients: http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2016/02/making-email-safer-for-you-posted-by.html

(16 Feb '16, 19:20) npdoty

@npdoty I've added your feedback to our internal ticket.

In the meantime, you can avoid the avatar issue by creating a SPF record for your domain: Configuring SPF Records

(16 Feb '16, 19:36) seanf

I would also like to request this to be implemented asap. Gmail and Hotmail (and go figure who else) have been sending my mails to spam box because of this. The users are not able to recover passwords or create accounts because some of them are not able to find the e-mail in the inbox, so they think it never reached.

(17 Mar '16, 09:28) evs

So... - No DKIM support - No SSL with GZIP I wonder what strike three will be :(

(18 Oct '16, 11:27) listit

@seanf What is going on with this feature? I need to configure dkim and dmarc records. I pay for webfaction since 3 or more years, what is going on?

(22 Jul '17, 12:09) totumfacky

+1 for DKIM and DMARC

I manage 4 clients who i have referred and migrated to webfaction and this is sort of ridiculous considering that this technology/standard is quite old at this point and has a history of being requested from Webfaction for almost as long.

Anything that can be used to curb spam and make our emails less likely to be filtered as spam would be very welcome.

(12 May '18, 22:41) griggs

Seven years have passed, is there an ETA now? :)

(31 Aug '18, 23:22) Igor
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This is really important feature for us, just made me wanna go back to Digital Ocean

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answered 04 May '15, 22:52

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Thats what I'm thinking!!! Digital Ocean has that feature

(25 Jan '16, 15:16) iqdavidh

Some really old messages here, plus some relatively new ones, but still no solution. Despite webfaction claiming that they don't support DKIM yet, I managed to get it working for my Django app hosted at webfaction and using webfaction's SMTP service. I had to dig through a few dozen websites to get all the required info, and here's an overview for the case of Python/Django that still might be useful to others...

  1. First of all, you might want to enable SPF as well, which is explained here.

  2. DKIM adds a header to your outgoing email. Creation of this header, including taking care of crypto/dns stuff is a package called dkimpy, which is available on pypi: pip install dkimpy.

  3. To get the DKIM signature into the email header, the default EmailBackend needs to be adjusted. I used this snippet, but adjusted it a little to be more compatible with the default Django version. Save this to your project root, for example, and set it as the default email backend in the settings:

    • EMAIL_BACKEND = 'my_project.email_backend. DKIMBackend'
  4. Also, don't forget to set a default From email:

    • DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = 'noreply@example.com'
  5. The snippet refers to some DKIM-specifc settings, like a private key. I got all the necessary info from this website. It asks for a domain (where you will be sending emails from) and a selector, which is simply a piece of text, eg "selector" will do fine. Enter the info and click Generate! After it created your keys, the section below "Setting up Your Server" will provide you with the info to put in your settings.py, which is used in the custom EmailBackend: domain, selector and private key:

    • DKIM_SELECTOR = 'selector'
    • DKIM_DOMAIN = 'example.com'
    • DKIM_PRIVATE_KEY = ''' -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- ... -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY----- '''
  6. The next section is about "Setting up your DNS". In your webfaction control panel, at the domain you're setting DKIM up for, add two new sub domains, as specified, following this example:

    • _domainkey.example.com
    • selector._domainkey.example.com
  7. For both domains add a DNS TXT record (under "Other DNS records" when editing a domain) and add the values specified by the website (from step 5).

  8. Naturally don't forget to setup the usual webfaction SMTP settings:

    • EMAIL_HOST = 'smtp.webfaction.com'
    • EMAIL_PORT = 587 # Standard: 25, Secure (SSL): 465, Secure (TLS): 587
    • EMAIL_USE_TLS = True

    • EMAIL_HOST_USER = 'mailbox_user'

    • EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD = 'mailbox_password'
  9. Now try sending a mail from your app. When sent to Gmail, and opening the original message, you should see something like this:

    • SPF: PASS with IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    • DKIM: PASS with domain example.com
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answered 16 Jul '17, 12:53

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edited 16 Jul '17, 12:59

@webtweakers Thanks for such specific "how to". But I have a question, how to implement this to external email server? I have email sent to @mydomain.com handled by the 3rd party server

(22 Jul '17, 12:05) totumfacky

What is going on with this feature? I need to configure dkim and dmarc records.

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answered 22 Jul '17, 12:07

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Ditto here. Emails from my Rails app are getting spam filtered :(

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answered 12 Jan '17, 14:50

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I want to add my voice to this as well. Google is pressuring all of their admins to get DKIM added to help secure their emails. If this isn't supported by our hosting company it puts our emails at risk. Is there any updated roadmap on when this will be finished so we can make our systems more secure?

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answered 02 Oct '17, 21:07

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@THardy No roadmap at this time.

(02 Oct '17, 21:12) seanf

Please can you make this more of a thing. As well as Google, Mailchimp requires DKIM to be able to authenticate emails sent through webfaction.

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answered 18 Jan '18, 22:07

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