Has anyone tried installing nestacms on webfaction? If yes can you please post your steps here. Nesta is a Sinatra based CMS. I have installed sinatra and works fine on webfaction.


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I just got Nesta working. Here is what I did:

  1. I installed a Rails app from the control panel and updated RubyGems for it by following http://docs.webfaction.com/software/rails.html#upgrading-rubygems.
  2. I installed a custom app (listening to port) from the control panel and assigned it to a website.
  3. I then ran the following commands:


gem install nesta
gem install bundler
nesta new testsite.com
cd testsite.com
nesta demo:content
shotgun -p <port> config.ru

(where <port> is the port that was assigned for my custom application)

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Thanks, that was very helpful. Now if I were to run it as a production setup, will it be a good idea to run it using shotgun?

(09 Sep '11, 09:04) xboxer21 xboxer21's gravatar image


Well, shotgun is generally intended for development environments, although it does have a --env=production option.

For production environments it's usually recommended to run it in your own web server using Passenger. Here is a useful URL I found on deploying Sinatra apps: deploying Sinatra with Vlad

(09 Sep '11, 11:40) todork todork's gravatar image

Thanks - Will give it a shot.

(09 Sep '11, 14:45) xboxer21 xboxer21's gravatar image

Thanks! This was very useful, but did you ever get it up and running with nginx/Passenger/Vlad for production? I'd appreciate any pointers on how to do that! :)

(05 Mar '12, 20:23) Leif Leif's gravatar image
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