I just signed up at WebFaction and I have a question.

I need to host 2 domains - we'll call them mydomain.com and otherdomain.com.

With previous hosting providers, I registered with mydomain.com. I then created a "otherdomain" account (mydomain.com/otherdomain) and gave it a subdomain (otherdomain.mydomain.com). Then, I have otherdomain.com forward to otherdomain.mydomain.com.

WebFaction seems to do thing a bit differently. I see I can create multiple "domains" and multiple "websites" but I am not quite understanding the relationship between them.

I registered with "mydomain.com", but I also created a "otherdomain.com" domain and website. I also changed the name servers for "otherdomain.com" with the registrar so the propagation should be taking place. How do I make a user account that is restricted to the "otherdomain.com" domain to upload content?

Or should I create "otherdomain" as a subdomain of "mydomain" like I did before and handle it that way?


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To help understand how things are tied together, you might take a look at http://docs.webfaction.com/user-guide/websites.html#applications-and-websites. That helps step you through the process of creating the app and attaching it to the website record. As well as assigning the domain.

As for giving permissions to another account to only have access to a specific domain, in our case it would be the app, you can create an additional user and grant that user permissions to only the location of that app.

Please see http://docs.webfaction.com/user-guide/access.html?highlight=additional%20user#additional-users for creating additional users, and http://docs.webfaction.com/software/general.html#granting-access-to-specific-users for granting them access to the app.

If you have any problems with these steps, please feel free to post here, or if we need to take a look at your account specifically open a support ticket. https://help.webfaction.com/

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answered 25 Sep '11, 13:17

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