Hi, I've been trying for all morning installing gitolite to my web faction account and it seems it doesn't want to work.

I've been following some instruction here: Installing gitolite on webfaction and in others links, but it always give me some error, so i'll explain how i'm doing it.

  1. First of all from my Webfaction Control Panel y create a new user called gitolite in this case. Account > SSH/SFTP Users > ADD new user > Name: gitolite, Shell: bin/bash.
  2. After i create in my local computer a public and private ssh keys named id_rsa_gitolite:

cd ~/.ssh

ssh-keygen -t rsa -f id_rsa_gitolite

And this will generate two keys ~/.ssh/id_rsa_gitolite.pub and ~/.ssh/id_rsa_gitolite

  1. Copy the public key to the server scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa_gitolite.pub gitolite@webXXX.webfaction.com:id_rsa_gitolite.pub

  2. Install Gitolite:

$ git clone git://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite.git

cd gitolite


$ cd $HOME

$ gl-setup id_rsa_gitolite.pub

  1. And at this point one of two or it gives me an error here or i continue and when i try the next:

  2. Clone the repository one of two or i don't haver permissions and it says

PTY allocation request failed on channel 0

And i don't know what to do or i can't clone.

So as you can see i've tried it lot of time with no luck so please see if somebody can help me to do this.

Thanks in advance. Diego.

asked 20 Mar '12, 10:53

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Please submit a support ticket with the full list of commands you ran and errors it printed pasted as a text file attachment. We need to place the error your are having in context.

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answered 20 Mar '12, 19:08

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