I've decided on Plone as a Python CMS for several large but low traffic websites. The sites are basically unrelated to each other but are used for running a single area of my business.

Looking at Plone's website it states that multiple sites can be run from a single instance of Plone, which I would prefer, to keep memory usage to a minimum on my hosting.

It's not clear from Webfactions software documentation how to do this so I was just wondering if anyone out there could explain it to me like a 5 year old :)

Many thanks.

asked 06 May '12, 16:08

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This isn't covered in the WebFaction Documentation because there isn't anything webfaction-specific about how to serve multiple sites. Plone runs on Zope, and the Zope documentation covers Virtual Hosting in detail. This should work out-of-the-box on WebFaction, but you will want to read the documentation in its entirety and understand everything exposed there about how virtual hosting works.

Once your Virtual Host Monster is set up according to the documentation, you just attach multiple domains to your website record hosting the application in the WebFaction Control Panel. Then all of those domains will arrive at your Plone application, and be handled as per the Zope virtual host monster configuration.

Hope that helps!

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answered 06 May '12, 19:26

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@ryans thank you. Thought I was looking in the wrong place. Just in case anyone else is looking at using Plone I checked the memory usage on a raw install. It was using 145MB of hosting memory which is a fair chunk considering the site had received very few hits (just my own). Webfaction's standard shared hosting comes in at 256MB so you might need to upgrade if Plone is what you are looking for. I couldn't find any recent statistics for memory consumption of Plone 4 on the internet.

(07 May '12, 09:41) zilog8bit zilog8bit's gravatar image

According to the official plone site, plone 4 uses less memory. They mention up to 20% less than a plone 3 installation.

(07 May '12, 10:24) iliasr ♦♦ iliasr's gravatar image
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