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Suppose that I want to deploy two web sites using Django and mod_wsgi for Apache.

Q1: does it necessarily imply that two Django projects must exist, or maybe a single project can handle two (or more) sites with some form of dispatch?

Q2: does one project imply one copy of Django loaded in memory, two projects -> two copies of Django, and so on? In this case it would be much more convenient to opt for 1 project/app able to handle more sites.

Please clarify! Thanks

asked 05 Dec '10, 16:52

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  1. You can set up 1 apache instance to serve multiple Django instances with VirtualHost directives. This was addressed here,

  2. Each control panel application is its own server stack. Although it is possible to run more than 1 django from 1 apache it also increases the likelihood there will be bottlenecks as it increases the load of that 1 apache process. You would eventually solve this by increasing the ServerLimit directive and other thread related directives, so ultimately it is simpler and about as effective to just use 1 app per project.

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answered 05 Dec '10, 17:11

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