Trying to deploy a rails app, but when I try to run db migrations its giving me an error that it can't find bundler.

My gems are installed in /home/user/webapps/appname/gems and this is set as my gem_path, and the path contains bundler.

Any tips / hints, troubleshooting i can do?


    servers: [""]
[] executing command
command finished
triggering after callbacks for `deploy:update_code'
  • executing `bundle:install'
  • executing "bundle install --gemfile /home/myhome/webapps/myapp/releases/20101221024745/Gemfile --path /home/myhome/webapps/myapp/shared/bundle --deployment --quiet --without development test" servers: [""] [] executing command [out ::] /usr/local/ruby1.8.7ee/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:779:in report_activate_error' [out ::] : [out ::] Could not find RubyGem bundler (>= 0) [out ::] ( [out ::] Gem::LoadError [out ::] ) [out ::] from /usr/local/ruby1.8.7ee/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:214:inactivate' [out ::] from /usr/local/ruby1.8.7ee/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb:1082:in `gem' [out ::] from /home/myhome/webapps/myapp/gems/bin/bundle:18 command finished * [deploy:update_code] rolling back
  • executing "rm -rf /home/myhome/webapps/myapp/releases/20101221024745; true" servers: [""] [] executing command command finished failed: "env PATH=$PATH:/home/myhome/webapps/myapp/gems/bin GEM_PATH=/home/myhome/webapps/myapp/shared/bundle GEM_HOME=/home/myhome/webapps/myapp/shared/bundle sh -c 'bundle install --gemfile /home/myhome/webapps/myapp/releases/20101221024745/Gemfile --path /home/myhome/webapps/myapp/shared/bundle --deployment --quiet --without development test'" on domain

asked 07 Dec '10, 12:46

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Can you please post the full error message? You can edit out your username, but other than that we need to see the entire message. Thanks!

(07 Dec '10, 12:54) seanf ♦♦ seanf's gravatar image

Has anyone found a good solution for this?

The problem I think (or one way to look at the problem) is that SSH has no knowledge of the path to the bundle executable.

Browsing around for a bit, I found that if PermitUserEnvironment yes is enabled in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, then you can create the text file ~/.ssh/environment, and include the environment paths that SSH can access, for example (this won't work on Webfaction):



Or whatever. But I'm not sure what the correct paths are for Webfaction, and I'm not sure if support can enable PermitUserEnvironment.

Are there any better answers for this?

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answered 27 Jan '11, 02:57

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For future reference, this is what I currently have in my deploy.rb which is working.

default_environment['PATH'] = "/home/<username>/ruby/bin:/home/<username>/rubygems-1.4.2/bin:/home/<username>/webapps/<app name>/gems/bin:$PATH"
default_environment['GEM_PATH'] = "/home/<username>/webapps/<app name>/gems"
default_environment['GEM_HOME'] = "/home/<username>/webapps/<app name>/gems"
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answered 03 Oct '11, 10:11

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